What Makes Laravel The First Choice for Developers

What Makes Laravel The First Choice for Developers


More than 70% of the websites currently on the web are powered by the PHP language. There are multiple PHP frameworks that are currently on offer in the coding world such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP and Laravel amongst others. Laravel was launched by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and gained a lot of market share quickly due to its simple approach to coding and massive community constantly providing support to each other.

Features such as MVC model, multiple package options and a large support community has allowed Laravel to gain more popularity over other frameworks. Laravel released its 9th version in February 2022. The new version contains features such as PHP 8, controller route groups and multiple other features.

Let’s look at some of the major reasons why Laravel is preferred by dedicated Laravel developers across the globe.


MVC Model Architecture

Laravel separates the application into three separate but interconnected parts. MVC compartmentalises the business logic separate from the user interface. The app is made with three separate parts : model, view and controller. The model handles the data and the most important parts of the app, reacts to user requests and initiates the process of fulfilling them and fulfilling it.

The view part is the user based front end of the app. It provides an interface for the user to interact with the app and take requests for the model and controller to act upon. The controller takes in user requests and passes them to the end user.

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MVC model allows developers to speed up the development process

Blade Template Engine

Blade allows you to utilize the power of the template engine fully. It makes syntax writing much more simpler and Blade template engine provides its own structure. Blade template allows developers to create master template which can then be extend to other files and used for Laravel development.


Eloquent ORM

Interaction of the app is made hassle free with the use of Eloquent ORM in Laravel. Object Relational Mapper allows you to map and assess objects in a database irrespective of their relationship to other objects. Laravel developers can write queries in simple PHP instead of creating complex SQL queries.


Modular Packaging System

Laravel modular packaging system helps in speeding up web development through Laravel. You can add 20 feature rich libraries and over 5000 modules to speed up your development process and avoid coding from scratch. You can do advanced or initial level coding with ease with the help of Modular packages on offer in the Laravel framework.


High Level Security

Activities such as SQL injections, CSRF forgery and other hacking activities are stopped with the well protected code base that doesn’t allow unauthorised changes to the code. Laravel uses advanced algorithms and hashed passwords to make sure that the security of your application is not compromised in any way. Laravel also provides built in support for user authentication processes and helps the developers in implementing a robust authentication system from scratch quite easily.


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Laravel provides unique security features to avoid any compromise of the app


Lumen Framework

Lumen is a micro framework that can help developers quickly build and deploy APIs and micro services within the Laravel apps. As Laravel and Lumen use the same syntaxes, you can upgrade your Lumen code to Laravel quite quickly if needed. With Lumen, Laravel app developers can have the power of APIs and micro services deployed into their Laravel framework whenever needed.


Efficient Unit Testing

While a bit time consuming, Unit testing provides multiple tests on the app and can inform the developers on common failures. Advanced testing helps the developers check possible user behavior and the tests



With the help of its message queue system, you can schedule important tasks and handle more workload as per user requests. And you can build multiple features on top of your app with the help of its pre-built libraries and add more features as and when needed.

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Your development team can quickly scale up a Laravel app as and when needed

Quick Third Party Integrations

It is quite easy to add third party integrations to the Laravel app. For example a payment gateway. As Laravel provides options for developers to integrate third party APIs into the app quite quickly , developers can add the requisite third party APIs for any necessary functionalities quite quickly.


Automatic Task Schedule & Execution

With Laravel’s automatic tasks schedule and execution capabilities, developers can setup a command within the Laravel framework itself and use a single Cron entry on the server side for execution,  allowing you to save on server costs and speed up your app with a faster and more organized backend.



There are multiple benefits of Laravel that we have listed here. All of these benefits can help anyone looking for a robust development with a powerful open source framework. Laravel is useful for all sorts of business applications such as B2B apps, eCommerce websites and apps and complex business apps for critical business operations such as logistics and inventory management. If you want to transform your business with the help of Laravel, do drop us a line today.

Posted on June 24, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel