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IT Path Solutions’ AI & Machine learning app development services is a catalyst in modern business growth as it accelerates business growth by collecting user data and makes automated but intelligent decisions to grow the business.

We integrate the world of AI & Machine Learning in a modern and flexible way to provide best solutions to your business through Chatbots, Business Messenger Bots, Custom Bots, Google Assistant skills and Alexa skills.


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We think AI & ML First.

Take your business to the next level with the Our advanced and custom Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning solutions. Automate business processes and achieve a competitive advantage over your competition. Run your business better and transform business processes with the help of our AI & ML solutions.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are text and AI integrated programs or automated assistants, which acts as customer support agent to send content, provide replies to queries, collect user data, make programmed decisions and fulfill the enquires without any manual intervention. We have highly skilled developers who can provide revolutionary Chatbots development based on your business requirements.

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Custom Chatbots

We develop AI applications, intelligent systems and decision-making bots that can be configured to interact and support the customers through touch sensing, rapid voice recognition, native language detection, and the intent recognition, to take a well-programmed decision.  Our expertise in the state of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies such as DeepLearning4J, Caffe, Google AI, Theano, Torch, Tensor Flow, etc. transcends the AI world for your business. Our ChatBots are the text-based programs based on artificial intelligence, natural learning and machine learning technology that provides an interactive environment for users on different platforms.

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Chatbots Services

  • Our Bots are used for Content delivery – Push and Pull digital content.
  • Quick Service Action – Call, message, interact and learn customer’s choice and preferences.
  • NLP and AI deep learning.
  • Customer Service Inquiries.
  • E-Commerce, Healthcare, Business, Tours & Travel, and all other business related Custom Chatbots.
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Messenger Bots

Searching for best Business Messenger Bots solutions to grow your business on social media platforms and give a faster and more reliable response to the customers in an effective way? We can make the job easy for you through our endless, robust, modern, highly technical and reliable Business Messenger Bots.

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What is Messenger Bots?

The main purpose of the business messenger bots is to interact with the users are messenger apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Twilio and other messaging apps. We provide a complete set of service related to business messenger bots, which includes the following domains

  • Facebook Bot Development
  • Whatsapp Bot Development
  • Telegram Bot Development
  • TwilioChatbot Development
  • SlackChatbot Development

All of our messenger bots are dynamic and allows the users to connect to the business and these bots can handle all the traffic in a reliable way to maximize the customer satisfaction level.

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Alexa Application

We are one of the most acclaimed developers in Echo app services and app development as we use highly sensitive yet accurate Alexa voice detection and voice search solutions for Alexa and voice search devices including Echo Dot, Echo Show and Echo Spot to increase the skills enable a highly interactive session.

We integrate your business needs with our Alexa skill packages to make sure your customers interact with the technology in an easy and comfortable way. Our toolkits will provide a huge area of voice and AI search to increase your business coverage.

Our Alexa Skill Set is a state of art technology, which includes documentation, voice detection units, self-service APIs, tools and other applications, which gives an interactive environment.

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Google Assistant skills

We offer Google Assistant skills service with voice-based searches through the app development process to allow millions of users to get accurate information about your business. Our dialog flow and voice active Google Assistant skills help in enabling intelligent assistance in your business set up.

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Benefits for Your Business

We are professional developers who can assess your business with modern day standards to check the requirements and then create objectives to fulfill those requirements through Custom Chatbots, Messenger bots, automated voice search, machine learning, AI, deep learning and advanced tools. Benefits of using our Chatbots are as follows

Better Customer Facing Processes

With AI & ML features such as chatbots and machine learning patterns, you can serve your customers better, anticipate their needs and queries and fulfill any query or issue they might have quickly.

Identification of Patterns and Forecasting

With the advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence features of our custom AI & ML solutions, you can spot patterns to help you save on costs, identify new business opportunities and automate repetitive tasks.

Increase Revenue

With the automation and updation of many business services, you stand to gain a lot more than you invest in AI & ML development services and reduce dependency on human actors while increasing availability of your business to the end customers.

Improve Business Analytics

With the use of artificial intelligence you can improve analytics wit the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence that will analyze patterns without any break, analyze from multiple angles and present to you refined data to help you with business decisions.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Redundant Tasks

By automating your processes, improving data analytics and reorienting your business to focus on the most productive activities, you can improve business efficiency in general and of specific business processes while removing redundant tasks or tasks that are not showing fruitful results

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