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Why Hire Dedicated Developer With Us ?

IT Path Solutions offers transparent process & flexible engagement models for helping your decision to "Hire Us"

Validating Idea

When it comes to executing mobility answers for the startup, the most important lookout isn’t just ‘what is done’ or ‘how it’s done’ but also “why it has to be done”. It is over here we plunge ourselves in dedication and takes a further mile by way of turning in mobility answers for the startup.

We validate what is the Unique Selling Proposition of your idea and numerous touch-points intended for the enterprise scalability, as we aim to cater to budding entrepreneurs in the high-quality viable way.


Accelerating Startups

Perhaps considered one of the most essential elements which can define or defy your startup is an accurate assessment of the audience. Our services offer to identify the startup’s audience masking broader factors like Political, economic, social, technological, Environmental and Legal analysis and techniques to attain the goal audiences maximum effectively. This will give your startup a much wished dependent and strategic kick-start.

Innovating Business

We offer welcoming consultation to each and every Startup/s to SMB/s to large scale enterprises to share out their thoughts, ideas for adapting technology trends and solutions to their business challenges so that we will together validate the feasibility at initial stages.

It is our task to concentrate out the budding entrepreneurs such that we will provide great possible answers to your ‘hassle solving’ businesses with innovative ideas and solutions to overcome business challenges facilitating technologies to broader digitalize your services and customer offerings.

Fixed Price

Under the fixed price model, we help you to reap maximum benefit via predefining the undertaking plan, deciding its priorities and laying out a detailed execution strategy. This pricing model is most appropriate for small and medium size projects in which all the specifications and requirements are predefined, proper before the start of the mission development.

Fixed price model is also referred to as Fix budget model and it requires strict adherence of time limits because the service issuer endures the risks involved in the task. This model gives an advantage to clients inside the shape of placing an exact budget and delivery turnaround in advance, thereby giving them a peace of mind.

Time & Material Hourly

Time and Material Hourly pricing model is conviniently suited for projects in which the scope isn’t always certainly described and requirements keep changing dynamically all through the initial discovery or ongoing development process.
This pricing model allows clients to take manage over the development priorities and cost, as opposed to taking a bet and dealing with additional overpriced changes leading to disappointment sometimes.
So, if you are looking for entire transparency and desire to explore possibilities coming in the way of development and implementation, time and fabric is the maximum apt version for you. It offers a excessive diploma of flexibility to modify project specifications, attempt to test with new activity and make modifications to the wide variety of undertaking resources depending upon the client’s evolving necessities, over the venture lifecycle.

Dedicated Full Time Engagement

By hiring our dedicated developer service, we provide an entire package of aid to you for software services. It will be only option if you want to manage our developers directly as otherwise,  we will assign the expert project manager to well manage the team and project. The manager will be liable to offer solution to the technical challenges yet helping you with your priorities and budget.

With the availability of abundant developers for web and mobile application projects, it becomes less impossible to face challenges in lack of resources. However, technically well curated team of dedicated developer and principal technology architect and consultant chosen for your project requirements, will be responsible for defining your project ideas into right direction, setting priorities and offer you manageable development process to help reduce business complexities.

Hire Dedicated Developer today if you know who you need and just want to get started.

Time and Material

Fixed price

Dedicated Team

Fixed budget
Low monetary risk
Quick start
High flexibility
Fixed deadlines
Large projects
Flexible scope
Iterative process

Scrum Agile

Scrum is an agile process that allows us to focus on delivering the business value in the shortest time.

It’s an iterative development process suitable for large and complex projects having changing requirements that well suits with Time and Material Pricing model.

It’s a cyclic process with overlapping sprints.


  • Quick start
  • Unclear requirements
  • Custom flow
  • Real-time updates


It’s a linear approach to software development process. It’s best suited for small to med size projects where requirements are clear ,well defined and well documented since it measures the progress of entire scope in advance. Commercially, goes with Fixed Price Model.


  • MVP & Startups
  • Clear requirements
  • Fixed deadlines
  • Fixed budget


Kanban is a visual system for managing software development work. Kanban method fosters continuous improvement, productivity and efficiency are likely to increase.

Kanban streamlines the project lifecycle and makes team collaboration effective by making consistent improvements and easing changes in the management.


  • Complex projects
  • Change requests
  • Custom flow
  • Greater client control

Offshore Delivery Model

In the Offshore Delivery Model, the entire project is accomplished at the service provider’s offshore development center. The client deals directly with the offshore team. After the initial interaction with the client regarding their requirements and expectations is complete, the service provider will have no face-to-face interaction with the client during the entire development process. Of course as the project progresses, both parties will be communicating regularly through other means of communication to clear any confusion and issues that may arise.

The Offshore Delivery Model is preferred in cases where the project is well planned, from inception to completion, and the service provider’s offshore development center team has a clear understanding of the client’s needs.

Advantages of using the Offshore Delivery Model

  • Low labor costs drastically reduce the project’s overall cost.
  • Clients get high quality work from experienced, talented offshore resources.
  • No Extra Expenses as client doesn’t have to expand infrastructure to accommodate an onsite.

Onsite Delivery Model

In Onsite Delivery Model, we position our team personnel at the client’s site. Our team work in continuous interaction with the client’s team for the entire contracted period, which can range from the point of collecting information to the implementation to maintenance and support.

The Onsite Delivery Model is the best for short-term projects and is usually adopted where the scope of the project is repetitive and open-ended, which is the case with most of process re-engineering-related services. It is also the preferred delivery model when the client is not very clear regarding the end results required or when there is a possibility of fluctuating requirements during the course of the project.

Advantages of using the Onsite Delivery Model

  • Direct interaction with client enables the service provider to have a clear understanding.
  • Ability to dynamically and continuously change deliverables or requirements
  • The number of changes required at later stages of the project in the output provided by the service provider will almost be negligible.
  • Open-ended and iterative nature of project scope.
  • Well-suited for projects that are highly secured and confidential.

Hybrid Delivery Model

The Onsite/Offshore (Hybrid) Delivery Model is generally preferred in cases where the project is complicated and is expected to continue for a longer period of time. While enjoying the benefits of offshore outsourcing, the client still gets an onsite team to address any queries or issues without the burden of managing a large-scale onsite team.

Advantages of using the Hybrid Delivery Model

  • Dealing directly with the client is possible through the onsite team, limiting the possibility of a communication gap.
  • Client can have access to the best technology, skilled manpower and equipment possible through access to the offshore development center.
  • Cost savings resulting from majority of the work being outsourced to the offshore development center where the resources are comparatively less expensive.

Time and Material

Fixed price

Dedicated Team

Fixed budget +
Low monetary risk + + +
Quick start +
High flexibility + +
Fixed deadlines + +
MVP + +
Large projects + +
Flexible scope + +
Iterative process + +

Benefits For Hiring Dedicated Developer With Us


With a mutual bilateral NDA signed by Business Consultant, your NDA explicitly signed by development team, can rest assure you that your confidential business/product information will remain private and secure guaranteed.


Our uniquely curated industrial offering of No Compromise on Quality (NCQ Policy) ensures if any part of your project, marked as completed & tested, if turns out to be non-functioning/mal-functioning, will be exempted & adjusted from billing efforts.


Having a long term business plan is vital for you and us as well, so, we provide you no-obligation screening & interview process with every shortlisted in-house Android developer you hire with us.


Our flexible hiring model can help you to either get a fixed quote or even hire an Agile team with a promised turnaround time of 24-48 hours to build your Virtual office as your extended Offshore Development Center with us.


We have flexible no-obligation contract that facilitates hassle free changes be it addition or reduction in the agreed billing cycle or resources as and when your project, priority or budget changes.


Either under Fixed Cost Or Hiring Model, you will be entitled as the sole owner of the source code and all intellectual property rights, but with the only obvious expectation of due payment being clear.