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Wearable App Development technology is transforming the world with its easy to access and easy to use user interface and applications. With the success of wearable devices such as Google wear, Fitness bands, Samsung wear, Google glass, Apple Watch, Android wear, and healthcare wearables, businesses are opting for easy, attractive, user-friendly and responsive Wearable Apps for their business.


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We offer custom wearable app development services that help you to stay ahead, enhance users experience and gain competitive advantage with state of the art wearables.

Our Vision

We at, itpathsolutions are dedicated to bridging the gap between your business and technology through Wearables Development services. We develop custom apps, which will provide ground-breaking services with cutting edge technology so that you stay up to date with the modern world and its trend.

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Fitness Tracker Apps

We gather the information from scientific researches, modules, device developers, sensor unit manufacturers, and body parameters to develop apps, which will make most out of the chipset and sensory unit present in the fitness trackers. Fitness trackers should be highly accurate as accuracy alone increases the credibility of the equipment. We design and develop fitness tracker apps, which helps in monitoring, tracking and measuring different physical parameters to the user well informed.  Different services offered in Tracker Apps Development Services are as follows

  • Accurate steps counting app
  • Sleep tracking app including quality check
  • Device synchronization apps
  • Body parameter detection apps
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Virtual Reality Apps

Virtual reality is not just a fun technology anymore. For us, it is a gateway to endless opportunities and options. We blend advanced vitality tools to provide a 360 degrees immersive real-time, location-based or content-based experience to the user through gaming and learning experience. Head-mounted or strapped AR and VR apps are designed to provide 3D experience by blending the digital world in an appropriate manner. AR app experience should not only interactive but it should also be colorful, beautiful, and yet easy for eyes. We help enterprises and companies to build a perfect VR app, which allows them to interact with the clients in a better manner and clients also gets accurate information through the apps. Our VR app services include

  • VR App Integration and Deployment
  • 3D gaming
  • 3D VR Movie or Video Apps
  • VR imaging services
  • VR location-based services
  • VR training and walkthrough services
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SmartWatch Apps

Our expertise in smartwatch apps development is a no match as we develop apps with advance developing tools, which are compatible with most of the devices. We develop smartwatch apps for both iOS and Android. Our customizable smartwatch apps allow you to fulfill your business requirements and in turn, fulfill all of your customer needs. We develop apps to provide better user experience through robust UI/UX design and apps are highly compatible with different smartwatch platforms. These apps allow smartwatch users to personalize their usage through advanced and enhanced accessibility option, data sync option, watch control options and other daily need options. We offer the following services

  • We design and develop customizable smartwatch apps
  • We provide support for developed apps.
  • Weather, health and fitness, news, app notification, social media, payment, travel, music, and entertainment are some of the smartwatch app categories.
  • We design lightweight and easy to install and configure apps.
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Smart Fashion Apps

The modern trend of the app has also hit the fashion industry where apps help businesses to interact with their customers freely as fashion has high value in the community. Apps allow the user to share feedbacks, try clothes, check cloth fitting, real-time images, integrating with social media and many more. Our developers are well versed with the smart fashion app development as they can design an app, which includes all the basic features needed. We develop apps by keeping the client’s interest in mind and as a result, the outcome is always best for customers. Some of the smart fashion apps are

  • Virtual fit checking smart app
  • Face and body type detection apps for sunglasses and cloths
  • Social media sharing
  • Smart payment apps
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Why Our Wearables Development Services Are Best and Why You Should Consider Them?

We believe in innovation and wearable app development is a new way forward for businesses to keep the customer engaged. We blend the art and technology together to create the best apps by keeping client’s demands and user requirements. Following are the reasons to consider wearable development

Useful in Multiple Domains

Wearables are useful in healthcare, gaming, fitness and sports and other industries. They can offer both B2B and B2C solutions for the aforementioned industries.

Improved Customer Services

You can interact with your customers in real time, collect more data with their consent and enhance the value offerings towards them from your business.

Ease of Use

Wearables can be worn just like other items we use regularly such as glasses and watches. As such it is much easier for customers to integrate them into their lives and start using it.

Enhance App Development

You could enhance the capabilities of your app with the help of wearables by collecting data in real time. Offering push notifications and improve your customer’s interaction with the app.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Wearables that can track the health of its user or manage their timings and schedules can help the user improve their quality of life and improve productivity.

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