Latest Trends in Laravel Development in 2022

Latest Trends in Laravel Development in 2022


Laravel Development

Laravel development has been used as a popular web development framework over several years now. It is the most sought after framework for web apps of any sector be it Education, Arts and Entertainment, Finance or IT due to its open source nature.

Laravel has an MVC(Model, View, Controller)  structure that makes it easier for designers and developers to work on. Some of the leading popular websites are made using Laravel, and the MVC structure has benefits of a beautiful user interface, as well as clean and easy navigation.

Even when you are new to Laravel, learning Laravel is not that much of a hassle, because there are numerous resources available and anyone with a basic knowledge of PHP would find the clean and robust code structure of laravel very appealing and efficient. It is fun to work because of its easy structure and designers also find it very easy to focus only on the design, due to its MVC pattern. It is a fulfilling experience for developers as well as the end users. The efficiency of developers gets directly affected in end users loving the final product.

The security of the framework is to vouch for. Laravel uses the best coding practices to ensure the website is safe from security patches and other vulnerabilities.

Laravel is trusted by a community that actively participates in adopting the latest trends.

And the more efficiently the developers can work, it will show in the web applications that are going to be used by end users.

Latest trends in Laravel

Laravel has a robust code structure and MVC pattern makes it very easy for developers to learn.

There are various learning resources available for Laravel, some of the most popular ones include :


Laracasts allows developers to build various Laravel applications and modules as per their skills and enhance their knowledge of Laravel in a practical way.

Laravel Community

Laravel community consists of a large number of Laravel developers, enthusiasts and end users who are sharing their knowledge with each other. As of this article, there were more than a million websites using Laravel.



The main advantages of using Laravel are as follows :

IOT Capability

Laravel is supported by an active community of developers and always keeps up with the latest trends. So solving errors and bug fixes are not much of a hassle for developers especially for the experienced ones. Laravel supports IOT using a hardware platform called Arduino.


Authentication and authorization is very simple in Laravel. Almost everything is available out of the box. And it is easy to make changes even for non-technical users.

Mail and SMS Integration

Another advantage that is not found in many other frameworks is : Email integration is also very easy and is also done out of the box mostly. Laravel also supports sending SMSes.


Laravel is trusted for its security and its caching mechanism is also up to the mark. It supports popular cache backends like Redis and Memcached out-of-the-box.

Error and Exception Handling

Error and Exception handling is always configured for any Laravel project by default. You can develop specific error pages also for various kinds of errors. That makes user and developer both experiences very convenient. Because developers can be rest assured and the website is user friendly.

Automation of testing work

Unlike many other frameworks, Laravel is built using testing by default. Even developers can configure testing using the easy testing methods.

MVC(Model, View, Controller)

The MVC pattern is very convenient for developers. It helps in keeping clarity for both business logic and User interface code. It is convenient for both developers and designers as well.

Efficient and Reliable

Laravel is very much trusted by the developers around the globe, and some of the most popular websites are built using it. It is fast, efficient and reliable.

Features of the latest version of Laravel

The latest version of Laravel is Laravel 6.0 and it has many features, such as:

Ignition Error Page

It is an open source exception page for Laravel and the latest version ships with this feature.

Authorization responses improved

Laravel 6.0 introduces a ‘Gate::inspect’ method which is authorization policy’s response.

Job Middleware

It is the latest feature that contributes to applying jobs in middleware.


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