Top Laravel Trends in Web Development 2022

Top Laravel Trends in Web Development 2022

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Laravel is an open-source framework built on the PHP programming language and mainly used to develop robust web applications. The Laravel framework provides a rapid development platform so it has been a popular choice for many developers and enterprises looking for web app solutions. In addition, this framework follows MVC architecture and is used to create secure, high-performing, and future-ready web solutions for both large and small businesses.

Laravel framework is built on  MVC architectural model, as a result, laravel can help with the overall execution, documentation, and delivering a range of functions. Laravel offers attractive features and creates a responsive web development experience for the developers. Laravel framework can create feature-rich websites with powerful performance using this PHP framework. Hence Laravel truly deserves to be called one of the top PHP frameworks out there.

Why Use the Laravel PHP Framework For Web Development

Highly Secure Framework

Laravel is a highly secure platform. Developers have multiple options such as password validation, secure authentication of users, and other options to create a highly secure environment. 

Laravel can protect all confidential data and minimize the risks of any security threats by integrating SQL injection. Thus laravel is a secure and safe web development platform.

Powerful Performance

Laravel helps to improve overall web performance with out-of-the-box functionality and tools. It also enhances the productivity of web apps. For new startups who want to make it to the top of the digital race, speed and performance are the major concerns. Hence, startups will benefit a lot from Laravel development.

Lage Community

Developers can tap into the extensive Laravel community for any kind of support and troubleshooting whenever they are stuck. There are about 50000 active laravel members sharing their thoughts in the Laravel community. 

Reduce time to market

The competition is rapidly rising In the global market, the launch time of the website is a determinant factor for product or service success. To keep up with the competition, the programmer has to be fast to develop their web apps in the market.

Laravel provides several in-built tools and libraries that can be embedded into the website during the project development. So developers can reduce the overall time to develop the project using Laravel tools.

Multiple Libraries And Configurations

Laravel has a number of libraries to support many environments during web app development. Laravel has around 20 libraries including various modules. In addition, libraries of Laravel also assist compatibility of the software. Laravel holds to the PHP principle and creates a user-friendly and responsive environment throughout the software development.

Developers prefer to use Laravel for its robust features

Which are The Top Laravel Trends for Web Development for 2022?

Smart Chatbots

Smart chatbots services are rapidly growing for every type of industry. In the past few years, smart chatbots have transformed customer services by resolving problems and queries quickly and smoothly without the help of customer representatives. Using the chatbots feature, customers can interact with customer services representatives within a few seconds in the web app itself.

PHP Development Outsourcing

PHP is becoming one of the top programming languages in the past years. Today most websites are developed using PHP language and thus Laravel is preferred for both new website development and migration. Laravel provides robust features and functionality to develop web apps with PHP as a programming language.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the emerging technologies. The use of IoT may be found anywhere, from smart home concepts to complex automated processes.Laravel can now be integrated with IoT to make things better and more efficient. With the Laravel framework, businesses can improve productivity and performance from IoT implementation in web apps for better tracking and the automation of many business processes.

Cloud Integration

More and more back end infrastructure is now being shifted to Cloud. Laravel can offer enhanced cloud functionalities such as quick hosting and setup for the cloud with the help of specialized plugins and packages. Laravel can also help you switch between various cloud providers with the help of APIs. 

Voice search

Laravel supports voice recognition and developers can now add voice recognition, voice recording, and voice command to their Laravel app.


Laravel has become the most favored PHP framework of many businesses and developers. With exclusive features and great functionality, as well as with the increasing popularity of Laravel. If you are looking to get your Laravel website developed, hire expert Laravel developers from Us and get a custom quote for a feature-rich website that can make your dream project come true.

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