Why You Should Opt for Single Code Base Development

Why You Should Opt for Single Code Base Development

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Single Code Base Development

One product, one codebase is the latest trend of the mobile app solutions market right now. It is feasible for both mobile app developers as well as mobile app owners. There is a popular belief that single codebase applications are of lower quality as compared to native apps. But by using the latest technology, you can make single codebase apps that are high on quality like native apps such as React Native and Iconic.

Because of the single codebase trend rising for mobile app solutions, there are a lot of frameworks in the market that support single codebase development. Following are the some of the frameworks used by prominent IT Solutions providers. .

  • Xamarin
  • Flutter
  • Iconic
  • React Native
  • Adobe PhoneGap
  • Qt
  • Sencha
  • jQuery Mobile

Advantages of using single codebase apps, instead of native apps.

Easier Implementation

If you are planning to make a mobile app, you would want it to work on both the popular platforms, iphone and android. In case of native apps, different code will need to be developed from scratch as both android and iphone platforms are very different. But when it comes to single codebase frameworks, you can develop an app and single code will work for both android and iphone. So, nearly 50% effort is reduced.

Uniformity across all devices

Single codebase applications give a uniform feel across all the devices and operating systems. So, it gives users access to standard UI and consistency across different devices used by them. Single codebase applications give a very good user experience as functionality is maintained across devices. It requires less effort on the developers part and also users are more satisfied with a consistent experience.

Reusability of Code

When it comes to mobile apps, and especially for native apps, code reusability is always an issue because both Android and iOS are such different platforms. With a single codebase application, this problem is eliminated from the root. Also, code fragments can be used to deploy similar functionality on other apps, which makes this kind of application development a favorite among developers.

Budget Friendly

Single codebase applications are more budget friendly as compared to native apps because developer effort is reduced, and so the budget is automatically reduced. Also, you can reuse code fragments to deploy single functionality on multiple apps. Code structure is such that the UI is also the same across all devices, so designer efforts are also reduced. So it is favorable for all : be it app developers, clients, mobile app development companies.

More Accessibility & Greater Revenue

In case of native apps, only the users of the app platforms use the app.They have to install the app on their devices and then they can use it. Where as single codebase apps are platform independent, all platform users can use them. So when accessibility is increased, it also directly affects the revenue. So it is a win-win situation of gaining more users using less budget.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a must for any app. The use of various mobile analytical tools helps in giving you more profits. With a single cod base it is much easier for your developer to integrate the customer feedback into your app.


Maintaining an app using single codebase is much easier when it comes to error and bug fixes. Especially when you are developing multiple applications, maintaining each of them is much easier with a single codebase.

Cloud Integration

Cloud is all about maintaining consistency across different platforms and Operating systems. And single codebase applications do just that, and more. Single codebase applications can be integrated with plugins on cloud to give users enhanced functionality and great user experience.

Cross Platform

There are various devices in the market today and developing an native app that is compatible to all is a tedious task even when you are considering developing for a single platform like android only. When it comes to single codebase apps, you can be sure it will work across various devices and operating systems without testing.


Cross platform single code base applications are definitely the future for mobile app solutions because of their low maintenance and development costs and wider access to users. Get the quote now to hire our expert developers for your next single codebase application.


Posted on October 6, 2020 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel