Marketing Your Telemedicine App: Revolutionising Healthcare Access and Delivery

Marketing Your Telemedicine App: Revolutionising Healthcare Access and Delivery

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How The Market Leaders are Marketing Their Telemedicine App

Let’s take a look at how the top telemedicine companies are promoting their Telemedicine apps and services in this rapidly growing market. Doximity has smartly built out a strong professional network as the core of their strategy. Over at GoodRx, they’re leaning hard into content marketing to establish themselves as the go-to money-saving solution. The Hims & Hers brand is making savvy use of influencer marketing. Meanwhile, Amwell has laser-focused on nailing the SEO fundamentals and scoring partnerships with major insurance providers.  


Sesame is taking an interesting approach by emphasizing transparent pricing combined with aggressive email marketing. Teladoc Health has placed big bets on paid advertising coupled with user-friendly mobile app experiences. MDLive is taking the education route by pumping out a ton of content marketing. Talkspace has collaborated with employers while also flexing its thought leadership muscle. And MeMD has targeted local SEO in addition to partnering with employers and schools.


It’s a wide range of telehealth marketing strategies and channels these companies are experimenting with to figure out what resonates and drives adoption. No one-size-fits-all approach here.


Who is Your Ideal Customer

So who exactly is the best target customer for telemedicine apps? Well, based on the rapid growth, it’s clearly tech-savvy professionals and parents who are demanding this type of on-demand, convenient healthcare access. We’re talking busy working folks and those juggling childcare who simply don’t have the time or flexibility for traditional doctor’s visits during business hours. Or patients who are unable to visit doctors in person or someone who needs a lot of healthcare support in general.


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But it goes beyond just the time savings and physical visits. These are cost-conscious consumers equally motivated by the ability to get affordable virtual care anytime, anywhere. Whether they have mobility challenges, live in rural areas underserved by medical providers, or are focused on preventative care – this remote digital solution checks a lot of boxes.

Then you have patients looking to discreetly manage chronic conditions, or those who simply want a modern healthcare experience fitting their lifestyle. At the end of the day, telemedicine is hitting a sweet spot with digitally-inclined consumers who want quality care conveniently delivered at a lower cost point.



How to Market Your Telemedicine App to Doctors

So you’ve got a great telemedicine app, but how do you get physicians actually using it and buying into the experience? That’s where creative, unconventional telemedicine marketing comes into play.

You could look into gamifying the whole experience – like build an AR simulation or coding challenge that engages doctors while spotlighting your app’s capabilities. That’s just tapping into the inherent competitive drive of many medical professionals. Connecting your app with continuing education credits or exclusive content for docs is another savvy way to add value.


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If you’ve got the resources, go all-out and host big virtual events or even a hackathon related to your telemedicine app. Leverage those healthcare influencers through creative partnerships and affiliate marketing arrangements based on referrals or revenue sharing.

And don’t skip on using cutting edge “smart clinic” concept demos using mixed reality technology to blow people’s minds about how your solution could streamline clinicians’ lives. Get creative, get interactive, get doctors feeling like they’re getting an insider peek at the future of care delivery.


How to Market to Patients and Customers

What about DirectToPatient Telemedicine marketing? Well, the usual digital suspects still lead the way here – social media pushes on Facebook, Insta, Twitter working with influencers and basically providing quality health/wellness content. Paid ads, email nurturing, in-app education hubs, and referral engines to activate your existing user base. 


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But you’d be amiss to ignore some of the more traditional, tried-and-true channels in this space. We’re talking about doing co-marketing partnerships with health providers, payers, self-insured employers and even community groups. Direct mail campaigns, print buys and good traditional event marketing are still useful. 

The winning move is deploying the best of both worlds – digital marketing’s precision and measurable reach, combined with the tangibility and social proof that comes from taking an omnichannel approach. Give people a steady stream of content and convenient access, but also bridge that digital/physical divide so you’re blending the whole education process.


Methods to Utilize For Marketing Your Telemedicine App

Start off with a comprehensive SEO content strategy and pumping out high-quality content that positions you as the expert in telemedicine marketing and virtual care. Videos, blogs, coding demos and other types of content. Build that subject authority and visibility through smart keyword selection.

Social media has to be a core channel.  Paid and organic channel for influencer collabs, patient testimonials, app updates and tapping into social media communities. Same goes for email, push notifications and other channels to nurture existing user bases. Also fully implement app store optimization fundamentals. A good listing goes a long way. 

Definitely look at affiliate marketing with healthcare publishers, patient leaders, and other brands who could seamlessly integrate sponsored content or referral engines. And don’t sleep on tapping traditional healthcare provider networks, self-insured employers and even local community partners for unique co-marketing angles.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

We’ve all seen the usual mistakes here – bad app experiences that don’t convert, incorrect marketing without understanding your core audience, skimping on content and optimization so you’re basically not registering on any metrics. The credibility blindspots are also harmful- with lack of social proof through reviews and co-branding deals making you seem unreliable to users.

But what about siloing your marketing into just a few digital channels? Not tapping influencers for modern word-of-mouth buzz. Missing the accessibility, language and cultural needs across diverse patient populations so your experience is not universal?

And compromising  on robust privacy and data security? That’s a no go. Or providing subpar customer support. Those avoidable blunders will vaporise any trust before you even get started with a comprehensive marketing plan.


Avoid These Common Mistakes With Your Telemedicine Marketing

-You must have a crystal clear understanding of who your audiences are and what their motivations, pain points, and health goals are. Use research, data mining, you name it to build living, breathing proto-personas you can empathize with and design campaigns around.

Fully instrument and interconnect your full analytics stack – because in 2024 there’s no excuse for flying blind or only having fragmented data across channels. And those first-party, consented data assets from your apps, sites and audiences? That’s marketing gold these days so prioritise building those datasets through feedback loops and participation incentives.

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Audit where you need to complement your digital push with boots-on-the-ground tactics to maximize reach and conversions. Whether that’s working healthcare conferences, point-of-care placements, or just supplementing digital with some old-fashioned mail drops. A true omnichannel mix is table stakes.

Also figure out where you can scale reach and conversion volume through co-marketing, and affiliate arrangements – basically any way you can tap into the trusted voices, channels, or networks others have built followings around. Nothing beats that third-party validation and efficiency.

Finally, make sure your marketing tech stack and workflows are aligned across all your teams and agencies. Work towards a unified, real-time read on your full martech ecosystem so you can attribute properly, optimize campaigns rapidly and avoid territory wars or operating in silos. Streamlining it all is 90% of the battle.



The Future of Digital Marketing

The future is already here. We’re living in an era of predictive analytics and hyper-personalized marketing powered by machine learning. Combine that with immersive new ad formats rooted in VR/AR/3D rendering and the rise of conversational interfaces like chatbots – the whole experience is being reinvented.

Gone are the days of generic, disruptive ad blasts that ignore people’s unique identities, goals, and places along their personal health journeys. Tomorrow’s telemedicine leaders will leverage advanced targeting and anticipatory computing to preemptively serve the right content at the exact right intervention points.

The whole funnel will be reimagined as an interconnected, cross-platform suite of dynamically assembled digital experiences tailored 1:1. Powered by individual biometric data and insights into holistic well-being states, connected directly to lifestyle behaviors and needs.


Why Choose IPS for Telemedicine Marketing

If you are looking for a company that can provide all the requisite digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, paid social ads, organic social media marketing and an expert digital marketing team that has handled nearly $10 million in ad spend, then look no further. IT Path Solutions is your ideal partner as we can help you both develop and market the app.


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Here are some reasons why it makes sense to go with IT Path Solutions over others.

  • Experience of cumulative $10 million ad spend
  • Multi domain expertise across platforms and industries
  • 3000+ projects delivered
  • Pay as you go model
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Quick communication and adaptiveness

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