How To Successfully Launch A Home Services App

How To Successfully Launch A Home Services App

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As per the latest trends and data, the home services industry is poised to reach approximately $870 billion by 2022, growing at a robust 30% CAGR. A significant portion of these services, including plumbing, carpentry, and cleaning, are increasingly being booked online, presenting a massive opportunity for home service launch through dedicated apps.

On-demand apps for home services allow users to book services such as cleaning, plumbing and carpentry, and many others through an app. Such apps have become a substitute for household duties and chores.

Such apps are mainly used on-demand, that is the services are ordered as and when needed. Users simply book the right service provider and book the service through the app.

Housejoy and TaskRabbit are prominent examples of such apps.

Types Of Services On-Demand Home Services App Offer

The services can range from simple home repair to more complex and ongoing services such as gardening and elderly care. By and large, these services consist of home servicing and care, transportation & moving services, construction & personal care such as haircuts & makeup.

Most apps will aggregate local service providers on the app platform and users can book them through the app. The app provider will do background checks and quality checks for all service providers to maintain a consistent level of service and quality.


Home Services is a growing market


Introduction to On Demand home Services App Development

Home services app development is a disruptive industry. How we avail some of the most commonly sought services has been revolutionized by the on-demand apps. When developing an app you need to focus on three aspects.

  1. Nature of the app: Will it be a dedicated app or will it be an aggregator app for various services?
  2. Target Audience: Who will be the target audience for the app? Will it be B2B or B2C?
  3. Monetization: How will you monetize the app? Will you charge for services or will you allow advertising on the platform?
  4. User Acquisition Strategy: What will be your marketing and acquisition strategy for the app. What will be the ideal user base?
  5. Main Features: What will be the main features of the app that will attract and keep users on the platform?

We will analyze a few of these points in detail to arrive at the right plan for a successful home services app development.

Main Features of The Home Services App

Instant Login

People can connect their existing email accounts or social media to instantly log in. They can also log in using their mobile number and OTP.

Main Page

The main page will provide a link to the user’s personal profile, access to avail all the services, and a feed to access order history and new offers and discounts.

Service Request

The user can request a service availability and quote for any service he needs, applicable vendors can contact the user with appropriate details so that the user can make the right decision.


A proposed interface of on-demand home services app


Real-Time Chat

Users can initiate a real-time chat with the vendor before entering into a service agreement. This way both sides will be satisfied and on the same page

Reviews Users and vendors can leave reviews for each other so that it helps others make a decision.

Payment Integration

All major payment methods should be supported for a hassle-free experience for both vendors and customers.

Offers & Discounts

Vendors can provide offers and discounts on services, provide service bundles to entice users towards them instead of other vendors or other platforms.

Order History & Re-order

Users can check the history of their orders and re-order any services they need to utilize repeatedly, for example, home cleaning.

Service Scheduling

For services that need to be utilized regularly such as cleaning and cooking, users can simply repeat the same services over a schedule and provide payments from the app at the end of the month for a smooth experience.

Help & Support

For any queries or for any help needed, users can simply use the help and support section for live customer care, Q&A sections or to engage the user community at large.

Admin Side Features

User Control Panel

The user control panel can allow admins to add or remove users and control all users.


Analytics can allow admins to analyze the user activities in detail, see the vendors and the category of vendors that are in demand.


Admins can launch ads for the advertisers looking to launch their ads on the app platform.

Adding Vendors

Admins can add vendors and add their details or update them as and when needed.


The path to monetization depends on what you are planning to achieve eventually? Are you looking to make something sustainable or looking to leverage a large use base for a successful exit?

If you are looking for something long-term, focus on generating revenue through service charges, ads, and other forms of revenue. For an exit, focus on increasing the user base massively through aggressive digital advertising.

Tech Stack

Here is a proposed tech stack. The final tech stack can differ from this tech stack as per your requirements.


Homer services Launch app development is a massive opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs provided they have an app that can attract and keep users coming back. This will largely depend on how well the app is built and the features it provides. Drop us a line below if you would like to discuss this app development idea further.


Posted on December 6, 2021 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel