How AngularJS shape your website/app, look at our exclusive showcase

How AngularJS shape your website/app, look at our exclusive showcase

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AngularJS is an adaptable, powerful, structural and flexible front-end JavaScript MVC Framework, launched in 2009, for Dynamic web apps maintained by Google and by a community of individuals & corporations. It is open-source web application framework. It is well-organized and well-tested framework for building rich client-side web applications.

How to build responsive website using AngularJS:

Angular, a Framework different from a library like jQuery, uses HTML basic as main language of template. Then synchronize UI data with objects of JavaScript through 2-way data binding. It separate application data logic on client side and shaping a client side web application with use of filters, bindings, directives and specific operations. It provides support for models and reduce the code work for handling DOM bindings with data and HTML elements. Once page is ready, angular performs its magic by building page with its components. Let’s learn how to build a responsive website with angularJS .

How we rated as experts in AngularJS:

We have used AngularJS in many web applications of our clients. Look at our best 3 applications developed by our expert JavaScript team. They have expertise in every JavaScript Frameworks like angularJS, nodeJS, reactJS etc…

  • Real time Process Management Application


Project Overview:

This is the web application that helps to manage business solutions through checklist.

Technologies Used:

AngularJs, Bootstrap, Web API, CSS3, ASP.Net

  • A platform for service provider


Project Overview:

This is a website which provide a platform for service provider like doctors, dentist, hair stylist etc… Customer can find nearest service provider and book his appointment.

Technologies Used:

AngularJS, Bootstrap, J2EE, PHP, Spring hibernate, MySQL

  • A product allows agents to view all properties with its value


Project Overview:

Basically this product guide agent to enter client data for specific property and they can get the idea of monthly expense of the property for that client, in calculation it includes all daily usage cost, car cost, utility cost, saving per month etc…

Technologies used:

AngularJS, CSS3, JQuery, ASP.Net MVC Architecture, Web API.
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Posted on March 2, 2016 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel