Create Feature-Rich Custom Cooking Recipe App in 2022

Create Feature-Rich Custom Cooking Recipe App in 2022

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During the global pandemic, around 400 Million people were staying at home, so as the world came to a standstill, a large number of people shifted to using online services for indoor activities like cooking, health, games, etc. As such, cooking recipe app development received a huge boost during this pandemic as people had to cook at home and could not go out for food during the pandemic phase.

Aspiring entrepreneurs could use this sudden shift towards homemade cooking and finding new recipes to create one app that can be both socially interactive, provides new recipes, and turns home cooking into a hobby and passion instead of a chore.

Let’s discuss the process of making such a custom cooking recipes app and the features it should entail.

Features for Custom Cooking Recipe Apps Development

We will divide the app features list into two phases: For users and for admins.

Features of User-Panel

Create Profile
In this section, users can create profiles by adding required information, likes, and dislikes related to food and their much-liked cuisines. Social media and popular email-based APIs can be connected for instant account creation and logins.

Search Recipes
This feature allows users to search different kinds of recipes by using filter titles, recipes, categories, and ingredients.

Advanced Search
Under this feature, users can advance search as per the occasion, course, cooking method, health diet, special consideration, seasonal, etc.

Video Tutorial
This feature allows users to watch video tutorials with each of the recipes. Video tutorials are really helpful while cooking as they offer step-by-step guidelines.

Add recipes
This app offers to add recipes option that users can add various kinds of recipes on their profile which they can keep as public or private as their liking.

A proposed custom cooking recipe app interface

Save Recipes
Allow your app user to save their favorite recipes with a few clicks in the app as well access them from anywhere and anytime.

Social Sharing
Users can share their favorite recipes with friends on the social media section of the app with a couple of clicks. In addition, it will help to enhance user engagement as well.

Alert & Notifications
This feature allows users to receive notifications through app owners such as new recipes, new offers, discounts, & coupons as well it helps to engage users.

Cooking Groups
Cooking groups can be used for users to share cooking recipes, create potluck parties and share the enthusiasm for cooking new food with friends and family.

Share Pics and Videos
Users can share pictures and videos of themselves cooking, showing recipes and cooking methods, or just having fun cooking to associate a fun environment with both cooking and the app itself.

Features for Admin

Manage Cuisines
Allow your app admin to manage a variety of cuisines into the app such as the admin can view, add, edit or delete cuisines.

Manage Recipes
Admin can manage all kinds of recipes with a few clicks in the app, as well they can choose to view recipes or add new ones.

User Management
Admins can manage users, add or remove profiles, and contain abusive or spammy behavior.

Payment Management
For a monetized app, the admins can collect payments, check the revenues and manage subscriptions or other modes of revenues and set prices.

Push Notifications
Admins cans end relevant and timely push notifications as and when needed instantly or can schedule them.

Types of cooking recipe apps

To launch a successful app here are some ideas you can consider as your template for the final custom cooking recipes app.

DIY recipe Collection
This kind of application offers a variety of recipes to the users as well they can save their favorite recipes in the app with just a tap on the mobile screen.

Social Cooking App
Using this app, users can create a space where can exchange their favorite cooking recipes and upload images of their yummy cooked dishes. This app is more useful for social media enthusiasts.

Built-in Recipe Collection
This kind of application offers various cooking recipes inbuilt libraries.

Recipe sharing app
This type of app can share ideas for various kinds of recipes with the users.

Recipe Cost Calculator App
This app allows users to calculate the cost of the recipe for preventing wastage of ingredients.

Tech Stack

We suggest the following tech stack but the final tech stack might differ based on your needs and consultation with app experts.

Final Thought

Developing a custom cooking recipe app can be a successful idea if it is implemented correctly and developed with the end-user in mind. Constant feedback and timely updates can solve any bottlenecks or user concerns you might face. As such you need to hire expert app developers who can help you from consultation to the launch of the app. We have vast experience in developing similar apps, drop us a line to discuss more.

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel