Create Custom Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

Create Custom Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

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Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing consumers with an alternative way to make purchases without the upfront cost. These apps allow customers to split their payments into installments over a set period of time, making it easier to afford larger purchases and manage their finances. With the rise of e-commerce, BNPL apps have become a key player in the retail industry, offering a convenient and flexible payment option to consumers. In this context, businesses have also started to offer their own custom BNPL apps to meet the specific needs of their customers. These custom apps can offer a range of benefits, such as improved user experience, personalized payment options, and increased customer loyalty. This has led to an increased demand for custom BNPL apps, with businesses looking to create their own solutions to meet the growing needs of their customers.

Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

Tabby is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) application that enables customers to make purchases on credit and pay for them in installments over a set period of time. Tabby offers a simple and convenient way for customers to make purchases on credit and pay for them in installments. The application aims to provide an alternative payment method that is more flexible and affordable than traditional credit cards, while also helping businesses increase their sales by making their products more accessible to a wider range of customers. Tabby has total funding of $185 million to date, with 800+ merchants, and nearly 3 million customers.

Creating a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) app like Tabby can provide businesses with a way to offer their customers a flexible payment option that can improve their shopping experience. With the right features and marketing strategy in place, a custom BNPL app can help businesses improve their sales and offer a more flexible payment option to their customers.

Features of Buy Now Pay Later App Like Tabby

A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) app like Tabby offers customers a flexible payment option that can make it easier to purchase products and manage their finances. Here are some key features that businesses can consider when creating a BNPL app like Tabby:

Approval Process

The app should have an approval process that checks the customer’s creditworthiness and determines their eligibility for the BNPL service.

Payment Options

The app should offer customers a range of payment options, such as paying in installments, deferring payment, or paying in full at a later date.

Buy now pay later shopping apps allow people to make purchases without full payment

Repayment Schedule

The app should provide customers with a repayment schedule that outlines when payments are due and the total amount owed.

Customer Support

The app should offer customer support to help customers manage their payments and answer any questions they may have.

Late Fees and Interest Rates

The app should clearly state any late fees or interest rates associated with the BNPL service to avoid surprises for customers.


The app should have robust security measures in place to protect customer data and prevent fraud.


The app should integrate with e-commerce platforms and payment gateways to make it easy for businesses to accept payments through the BNPL service.


The app should provide businesses with reporting and analytics tools to track the performance of the BNPL service and identify areas for improvement.


The app should allow businesses to personalize the BNPL service to suit the needs of their customers, such as offering different payment options or repayment schedules.

Such custom apps enhance the shopping experience of the users

How Will You Earn Money by Developing a BNPL Application Like Tabby?

Developing a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) application like Tabby through a buy now pay later app development company can be a profitable business venture, and there are several ways to earn money from it. Here are some of the revenue models that businesses can consider when developing a BNPL app like Tabby:

Merchant Fees

One of the primary ways to earn money from merchants by showing their products as features in your application. This fee can be a percentage of the transaction amount or a flat fee per transaction.

Late Fees and Interest

Another potential source of income buying charges late fees and interest rates. However, it’s important to be transparent about these fees and clearly state them in the app to avoid any misunderstandings or negative customer experiences.

Referral Fees

Another way to earn revenue from a BNPL app is to offer referral fees to businesses that bring in new customers to the app. This can incentivize businesses to promote the BNPL service to their customers and help drive the adoption of the app.

Premium Services

BNPL apps can offer premium services, such as enhanced customer support or more flexible payment options, for an additional fee. This can provide an additional revenue stream and help differentiate the app from competitors.

Data Analytics

BNPL apps can collect and analyze data on customer spending patterns and behavior, which can be sold to businesses or used to improve the app’s services and offerings.

Our team of expert business consultants can help you to discover various options to find best solutions to maximize your profits.


Developing a custom Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) app can offer businesses an opportunity to provide their customers with a flexible payment option that can improve their shopping experience and drive sales. To create a successful BNPL app like Tabby, businesses should consider key features such as user-friendly interface, payment options, approval process, repayment schedule, customer support, security, integration, and marketing and promotion. With the right approach, a custom BNPL app can offer a win-win solution for businesses and their customers, driving revenue and enhancing the shopping experience.

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