IOT App Development in 2022

The trends and applications for IOT apps in 2020.

IOT App Development in 2022

IOT app development
iot app development in 2020


IOT app development has now come a long way from its early days. As per one estimate, There are currently 7 to 9 billion apps enabled with IOT in the world right now. The key reason for this wide and fast adoption of IOT is that businesses have recognized the need for IOT and the usefulness and transformation it provides. The value addition done to business processes, practices and products and services done by IOT is no longer in doubt.

As per IDC, the IOT market will keep growing at the rate of nearly 30% till 2025 and generate 79.4 ZB of data every year. Imagine the kind of applications and processes being performed by IOT to generate such large amounts of data every year!




Industries being Impacted by IOT:


Surveillance apps and devices are being interconnected with other smart devices and surveillance devices to give a better picture and provide more interconnectedness. For example, one app that can monitor all cameras in your building or home.

Smart Homes:

All the smart devices are being connected with IOT apps, for example the voice device in kitchen can be connected with the voice device or a smart TV in your living room.


Autonomous cars, cars with their own personal apps for controlling the environment inside the car. While IOT is still a highend car feature, it will soon become a standard feature in budget friendly cars as well, allowing you to control car features such as temperature, music and other user features.


Storage, transportation, inventory and supply of various materials can be done by IOT devices in real time with minimal human presence and input. IOT can also streamline Quality Management Systems.


Bar codes, automated checkouts and bills, IOT can transform the process of ordinary shopping with interconnected apps.


Automated reports, healthcare status updates, wearables that track health indicators such as sugar levels, Healthcare is being transformed infront of our eyes by IOT.

Smart City:

An app that connects you with traffic police, various governing departments and can be used as an id card, checkpoints and any transaction with the local government.

Smart Office:

The phones of all office employees connected on a common platform for entry, exit, notifications, payroll and instant communication. IOT can do that easily.

Smart Farming:

From indoor climate planning to planting the crops on time to centralized management and utilization of data such as weather, soil health and water dispensation, smart farming can can reduce usage of resources such as water and fertilizers while enhancing outputs of crops.


With IOT enabled Fitness, people can use wearable devices such as smart watches and monitor their body’s health and indicators such as heart rate on their mobile phone.


Top Trends for IOT in 2020


Faster Implementation of IOT:

With IOT having proven its mettle, businesses are adopting IOT in all aspects of their business without any trials or small initial implementations.

Custom IOT Apps:

Initial IOT apps were seen as one stop solution for all needs but with custom IOT app development by experts like IT Path Solutions offering better offering in terms of usability, features and user experience, businesses are opting for custom IOT app development over adopting prebuilt IOT apps.

Digitization of Physical Assets:

Physical assets such as factory machines, inventory machines, scanners etc. will be digitized and connected with a central platform enabled by IOT.

Ever Increasing Adoption of Cloud for IOT:

As Cloud computing is proven to be secure and reliable, cloud enabled IOT apps will be more easily accepted by businesses worried about data privacy and data security.

IOT Enabled Machine Learning:

With more and more users using IOT enabled apps and devices machine learning can identify user behaviors and hidden needs of the users for better user experience and enhanced support and maintenance.

Realtime Notifications and Data Updates:

Your surveillance apps immediately notifying you when someone’s at your door or a an app giving you notification on reduced inventory in your factory, this is now a reality with IOT based apps.


Much like previous years, 2020 will also be an amazing year where IOT development and IOT adoption will gain more and more adoption and faster improvements.

Technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and enhanced connectivity enabled by IOT will lead to better lives, enhanced businesses and better business outputs and reductions in errors and gaps.

Posted on September 1, 2020 by Nishant Shah
Nishant Shah