Future Centric IOT Solutions For Your Business

Future Centric IOT Solutions For Your Business

IOT app development

What is IoT App Development?

IOT app development that is Internet of Things development has become a buzzword among IT industry insiders and enthusiasts for the last five years or so. The increasing adoption of smart devices, portable PCs and mobiles has led to a common interface between them for a holistic and enhanced user experience with many cross functionalities that enable functions that are not possible on a standalone device.

Most people get confused between IOT and the internet, a commonly used term for the world wide web. IOT is the network established between various smart devices such as cameras, Pcs, mobiles etc. for example, you can view the feed from your CCTV camera on your smart tv through your wifi without any direct connection between both of them, this is an example of IOT providing you with features by connecting two separate devices.

IOT Connectivity and Security:

Earlier, connecting such devices was possible via Bluetooth only, but IOT frees the hassle of having Bluetooth enabled on both the devices or not able to connect because of not having Bluetooth on a device or due to range limitations of Bluetooth.

IOT is the next revolution in Networking as earlier networking was possible only between PCs. Now, connecting PC and mobile without cable seems the new normal, and the next step is having all electric devices of your house connected using IOT. You will be able to use your phone as a remote, to turn on TV or switch off the lights and fan. It is different from cloud in the way that it is more of internal networking of your personal devices, whereas cloud is more public. And although IOT uses your home WiFi, it has no regards with world wide web. World wide web is more like the yellow telephone directory, where you can find the contacts you want. While, IOT is like your personal telephone diary, accessible only you. The mechanism and working is also quite different, because safety is the first requirement when it comes to IOT so that outside devices cannot access your personal devices.

The other thing people get confused with why do we need IOT when we already have Bluetooth and all devices today come with Bluetooth. The answer is, Bluetooth lacks in terms of flexibility as not all device have Bluetooth like your CCTV camera. And in order for Bluetooth to work, both the devices should have Bluetooth hardware as well as Bluetooth enabled on both of them, pairing is only possible after that. So, Bluetooth is fine for one time transaction of data, but when you want to stay connected to your CCTV camera through your phone 24X7, Bluetooth is not much of use. Having said that, many of IOT techniques use Bluetooth in their core and build IOT functionality on top of Bluetooth.

Business Applications of IOT:

Unlocking New revenues:
With IOT, you can connect new devices, enhance functionalities of your existing devices and unlock features that help you generate more revenue. For example with the simple use of an app, you can make your unused smartphone into a CCTV camera.

Imagine if you were to offer such apps for a reasonable subscription fee?

New Marketing Channels:

With Amazon’s Alexa devices you can connect your credit card and simply order products from Amazon by simply giving verbal instructions to your Alexa device.

Many digital marketing agencies are now telling their clients to enhance their marketing efforts to include voice enabled search results. As per marketing research firm Gartner, 30% of searches by 2020 and beyond will be without a screen interface, primarily done by using IOT devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Businesses that reorient their marketing towards this upcoming marketing channel will benefit from the first mover advantage over their competitors.

Better Logistics and Supply Chain:

Imagine having an app that can track and monitor your entire warehouse or factory, tells you about every minute product in your storehouse and lets you know of upcoming orders and supply demands.

With IOT, you can get an expert app designed by the smart IOT App developers at IT Path Solutions and monitor your entire business with the click of a button down to the minutest detail.

Remote Connectivity:

The days of physically being present on your factory or warehouse floor may be over with the advent of IOT. By using a robust IOT app you can monitor your inventory, production, production schedule and monitor your production assets such as machinery, transport vehicles to monitor and maintain your business tasks.

IOT will allow you to stay connected to your key business assets from anywhere int eh world. Companies such as Amazon are planning to automate their entire supply chain using IOT so that their factories and warehouses can be operated remotely from their headquarters 24/7.

Once the IOT revolution truly takes over, devices would be manufactured keeping in mind their connectivity with each other, which will further aid in making seamless connection possible between them.

IOT has applications in many industries such as Retail, Healthcare, supply chain and warehouse management for factories etc. It can also help in energy saving by smart use of electricity and in turn help in reducing carbon footprint.


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Posted on August 14, 2020 by Nishant Shah
Nishant Shah