Basic information required to publish an app in the Apple App Store

Basic information required to publish an app in the Apple App Store

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To successfully publish an application on an app store, it’s essential to gather all the necessary information and materials. This comprehensive preparation ensures a smooth submission process and maximizes the chances of your app being approved and available for users to download and enjoy. Below are the key steps and details to consider:

App Information

App Name:- The name (Max 30 characters) of the app as seen by users.

Subtitle:- The subtitle (Max 30 characters) will be reviewed before it is made available on the App Store.

Primary Language:- You can find the languages that you have localized in this menu.

Category:- The category will be reviewed before it is made available on the App Store.

Age Rating:- This app’s age rating will appear on the App Store across all your platforms.

Version Information

IOS Previews and Screenshots:- Screenshots must be in the JPG or PNG format, and in the RGB color space. Minimum 3 ScreenShot Required (PNG OR JPG).
IPhone(6.5’’) 1242px 2688px
IPhone(5.5’’) 1242px 2208px or 2208px *1242px
IPad Pro(6th Gen)(12.9’’)2048px * 2732px
IPad Pro(2nd Gen)(12.9’’) 2048px * 2732px

 Fig.1.1: iOS Previews and Screenshots

Promotional Text:- In the promotional text section of the App Store, you have the option to inform your visitors of any recent app features that have been added without requiring them to update their apps.

Description:- Provide a brief description of your application, detailing the features and functionalities of it.

Keywords:- By using keywords, you will be able to find more accurate search results on the App Store. You can separate keywords using a comma, a Chinese comma, or a combination of the two commas.

Support URL:- This is a URL that contains support information for your application. App Store users will be able to see this URL.

Marketing URL:- Provides marketing information about your app. App Store users will be able to see this URL.

Copyright:- It is important to include the name of the person or entity who owns the exclusive rights to your app, as well as the year when the rights were obtained (for example, Acme Inc.’s exclusive rights were obtained in 2008). Do not provide a URL.

App Review Information

Sign-In Information:- This is a username and password we can use to sign in to your app, so we can review all of its features. If users sign in using social media, provide information about an account we can use. For the review to be completed, the credentials must be valid and active throughout the entire process.

Contact Information:- If there is ever any question or further information required by the App Review team concerning your organization, this person should be contacted directly.

Fig.1.2: App Review Information

Pricing and Availability

Price Schedule:- if the app should be paid app on the store then select any option from the below list if the app should only be available to a specific country then provide a list of countries

Fig.1.3: Pricing and Availability



Formatting Errors: Ensure screenshots are in required format and size. App stores often have specific requirements for the format and size of screenshots that you need to provide for your app. Make sure your screenshots meet these requirements to prevent any issues during the review process.

Credential Validity: Provide active and valid sign-in credentials for app review. When submitting your app for review, you might need to provide credentials for the reviewers to access and test your app. Ensure that the provided credentials are accurate, active, and allow the reviewers to fully experience your app’s features.

Incomplete Information: Verify all required fields are filled accurately. During the app submission process, there are various fields that you need to fill out, such as app description, keywords, and contact information. Make sure you provide accurate and complete information in all the required fields to avoid delays in the review process.

Review Delays: Keep contact information updated to address queries promptly. App reviewers might have questions or require clarifications about your app. Ensure that the contact information you provide is up-to-date and that you’re responsive to any queries. This will help prevent unnecessary delays in the review process.

Age Rating Concerns: Ensure age rating matches app content. Apps are often assigned age ratings to inform users about the appropriate audience for the content. Make sure that the age rating you select accurately reflects the content and features of your app to avoid any mismatches that might lead to rejection or confusion.

Privacy Policy Missing: Always include a privacy policy URL. Privacy is a critical concern for app users. Including a privacy policy URL is usually a requirement when submitting an app. This policy should detail how user data is collected, used, and protected within your app.

Localization Issues: Double-check language and region settings. If your app supports multiple languages or regions, ensure that the localization settings are correctly implemented. This includes accurate translations, localized content, and appropriate regional settings to provide a seamless experience for users around the world.

App Privacy

Privacy Policy: Put this URL on your website. Each app needs a privacy policy.
Official documentation contains detailed step-by-step instructions.

🔗 Apple App Store: App Store Connect Help

Happy app publishing! 🚀📱


In conclusion, successfully publishing your app on the Apple App Store requires careful attention to detail and strict adherence to guidelines. Prepare all necessary information and materials to ensure a smooth submission process and higher chances of approval. Elements like the app’s name, description, screenshots, and more are pivotal in attracting users and enhancing their experience.
By following the steps mentioned earlier, covering app details, review concerns, and privacy issues, you’ll be ready to introduce your creation to a global audience. Address potential problems like formatting errors or incomplete information to avoid unnecessary review delays.
Stay updated by consulting official Apple documentation for the latest instructions as the app publishing landscape evolves. With these considerations, you’re prepared to embark on your app publishing journey. Best of luck on your app adventure! 🚀📱

Posted on September 12, 2023 by Avinash Gupta
Avinash Gupta