Uber new API offering unique experience to riders

Uber new API offering unique experience to riders

Mobile app development

Recently, Uber has released and announced the launch of new API feature for app developers globally. This API allows the riders freedom to connect to third party apps to Uber to enjoy the ride and make fun. It is for viewing content, notifications and ads during the trip. It requires the rider’s approval.

Request API for iOS and Android

Uber API allowing deep linking and SDK for Java and Python. It provides affiliate program also. It offers Ride request buttons for iOS and Android Apps. It provide single deep link into app.


Swift library is used to integrate Uber into your app. Uber iOS SDK provides thie swift library for integration. It requires minimum iOS 8 and Xcode 7.1+. It gives Cocoapods written in swift.
You can integrate without using dependency manager. You can add project manually. Import UserRides library in to the project for Uber rides integration. Insert drop off location parameters like longitude, latitude and location name, should be passed on the drivers. You can set color for Ride. Also configure RidesClient with Client Id.
Most important for iOS 9 and higher, need to change for new guidelines:

<key> LApplicationQueriesSchemes</key>
<array><string> uber</string></array>


Minimum Android SDK version 16 is required for Uber Rides SDK integration. It provides support for deep linking in to the app. To use Android SDK add the complie dependency with latest version of SDK in build.gradle file.
Add Request parameters same as iOS as above I mentioned.
To show Request Button, add button in layout and add Client ID in code when adding button.

How to integrate Uber API?

You can integrate the power of Uber API into services, you can use Java and Python SDKs. Our mobile application development Team in iOS and Android can integrate Uber API for your Application so you will not have any issues to solve it out. Just contact us to move ahead.
In case you want to know about it more, you can check about open source SDKs, deep linking functionality and affiliate program at developer.uber.com

Posted on February 1, 2016 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel