How To Create Your Own Camping Booking App Like Sekr

How To Create Your Own Camping Booking App Like Sekr

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People have spent $8.5 Billion in camping reservations across the US in 2020. Sekr is a camping spot booking app that intends to digitize camping booking which is still done using paper records. People have to call to book a spot for each camping site or national park.

Booking a spot to camp is one of the major problems for an outdoor-loving public like the US that loves to camp out and would do so more frequently if the process was easy and more manageable.  

That is where apps like Sekr come in.

What is Sekr & How It Works

Sekr centralizes the camping and park spot booking by using updated databases and offline information. Users can filter the spot by facilities such as Wifi and showers and select the availability by the right dates. Sekr also uses volunteers and user feedback of the camping sites into the app’s data for more updated information on the camping spots. 

Sekr App Development

Sekr has recently received funding for its app, showcasing the confidence investors are having in its idea and business model. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs can use this article to understand how they can develop similar apps and the steps and features such an app will require. 

Let’s discuss the kind of features this app should have. 

Features for Users


Under this feature, users can register or login with help of a personal email account as well they can log in through social credentials.

Connect Fellow Travelers

With this feature, users can easily find and connect fellow travelers who want to participate in outdoor activities together.

Share Knowledge

This feature allows users to share their individual knowledge and experience about the various campsites and other locations. This feature can help users 

Find Campsites

Using this feature, users can easily find every type of campsite and discover outdoor events as well. They can save their favorites and share experiences for each site. 

A proposed interface of the camping booking app

Share Document and adventures

This feature allows users to share documents, adventures, and valuable information with another group that is seeking campsites services. 

Chat – Messaging

Whether you are on the road for 3 days or 3 months, With this feature users can directly communicate with their travel group as well users can learn interesting adventures from people via chat messages.

Find Facilities

This feature allows users to find campsites, pitstops, vistas, events, wi-fi connections, oil changes, and more through Map.

Share Photos & Videos

With this feature, users can take various photographs about their adventures, events, and spots and they can share with the community.

Discover and Plan Events

This feature allows users to discover events as well can host digital or in-person events like van tours, casual hangouts, weekend-long hiking trips, caravans, and more. 

Real-time Information

With this feature, users can share real-time information & recommendations on campsites and locations such as safety regarding and more. 

Chat and Plan Camping Trip With Friend

This feature allows users to invite and chat with friends to various trip plans with you.

Rate and Review

This feature allows users to give ratings and reviews about campsites services, as well it’s more convenient to find another user.

Push notifications

With this feature, users can receive notifications of new trip plans, outdoor events, interesting adventures, new spots, and more.

Alert & Security

Users can ask for help and announce for assistance in case they are in distress.

Features of Admin Panel

Dashboard Manage

Dashboard manage feature allows the admin to access almost every aspect of the app quickly.

Manage Users

This feature allows the admin to manage their users’ profiles on dashboards such as name, phone number, address, emergency contact number, and more.

Manage Services and Price

With this feature, the admin can manage all campsites services and price structures for monetized aspects of the app, as well admin can change services and price structures according to the users’ requirements and market trends.

Manage Trip and Event

This feature allows the admin to manage all upcoming and current trips and events.

Add Trip and Event

Admin can add or delete new campsites locations, trip plans, outdoor events, interesting adventures, more through this feature.

View Rating and Review

This feature allows the admin to view the reviews and ratings by the customers and use the feedback to improve services.

Offer, Discount, and Gift Card

Using this feature, the admin can send multiple offers, discounts & gift cards to the users such as new trip plans, new spots, upcoming events, and awesome adventures.

Push Notifications

Under this feature, the admin can send push notifications to all the users for any update, new spots, events, and anything else.

Manage Payment

This feature allows the admin to manage all payment-related information and transactions provided by customers.


The app can be monetized in multiple ways. You can run ads, charge subscriptions or set up an eCommerce store to sell camping-related items. 

Monetization depends on the type of user base you have, its volume, and what you want to do with the app. Do you want to focus on increasing userbase or generating revenue from your initial versions.


Sekr like app development is a potential hit. Aspiring app entrepreneurs should take this opportunity and tap into this untapped but huge market. We can help you undertake sekr app development and build a feature-rich app that can be a huge hit with the camping base. Drop us a line.

Posted on February 11, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel