Does AI generated content affect your search rankings? It Does not – Google

Does AI generated content affect your search rankings? It Does not – Google

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Is AI Generated Content Good for SEO

In this digital era, it’s no surprise that artificial intelligence is playing a significant role in our daily lives. AI generated content is content like a particular field of journalism that is created from artificial intelligence. AI powered tools use natural language processing technology, creating content by filtering existing information on the internet and summarizing it in a natural way that simulates human writing. AI generated content has become a game changer for media outlets. 

AI generated content comes in various forms like blog, article, product descriptions, e-books and marketing materials. AI bot quickly produces content based on your topics and instructions. In this way you can increase your marketing efforts at a fast pace. Business and non marketer can use AI tools to create content in a seamless way and cheap way to produce copy. AI technology has drastically improved in quality and adoption over recent years with robot generated text. AI generated content has potential to reform industries like journalism, allowing them to create faster content and get accurate reports and more personalized content.

Key impacts of AI-generated content on SEO and search rankings

Let’s discuss some impacts of AI generated content on SEO and search ranking

Quality and Relevance

AI can generate content faster than human, AI generated content can help you to  produce content very quickly but search engines algorithms follow content quality and relevance. If your AI generated content is unique, valuable, well-written and provides helpful information to users, it can positively impact SEO and search ranking. 

Duplication and Originality

Duplicate content is a big headache of SEO as it can negatively impact on ranking. With the rise of AI generated content, there are many possibilities to produce duplicate or near duplicate content that may be penalized by google search engines. Thus it is essential to ensure that your AI generated content is unique and original to maintain a positive impact on SEO.

Automation and Efficiency

AI generated content can help you to automate SEO tasks such as generating meta title tag, meta description, product description and marketing related content material. This automation can help streamline the SEO process and reduce production time so that digital marketers can focus on other marketing planning strategies to achieve marketing goals.

User Experience

User experience is a complex factor of SEO. Search engines consider bounce rate, time on site, click through rates to determine website quality and web page relevancy. If AI generated content fails to get more visitors to the website. It can negatively impact the user experience, resulting in lower search ranking. Thus you need to ensure that AI generated content is more relevant with user expectations and provides value.

Potential benefits of using AI-generated content for SEO

You might be thinking whether is ai generated content good for seo. Let’s discuss the benefits of it in brief.

Increased content production

AI generated content can produce a huge amount of content very quickly, adding consistency and frequently updating. AI can identify trending topics, suggestions and keywords, ensuring that content remains aligned with users expectations. By leveraging the benefits of AI, you can streamline the process, enhance content production, content quality, and ultimately drive better SEO performance.

Improved keyword targeting

AI algorithms can help you to seamlessly integrate targeted keywords into content, aiding organic keywords optimization. AI can efficiently explore long tails keywords, catering to specific users queries. AI generated content can help SEO to automatically adjust targeted keywords in their generated content and this can help them rank higher in search results.

Better content quality

AI generated content can help you to create higher quality content that is more engaging and informative for users. This can lead to increased time spent on web pages and lower bounce rates.

Multilingual Content Creation

AI can help marketers to produce content in multiple languages and accurate translation, enabling global reach and audience expansion. AI can adapt content to local cultural nuances, catering to diverse markets.

Potential risks associated with using AI generated content for SEO

While you can generate AI content quickly and easily, it sometimes fails to add any flair and a unique individual writing style to the end content. What AI content generated by the likes of ChatGPT can do is to use the data available on the internet and combine multiple data points and that content may not be unique in terms of the ideas and wiring given even though it may be unique in terms of plagiarism. What you might end up getting is the lowest common denominator or just the common points amongst the multiple references of content available online. Uniqueness and fresh ideas are not possible but you may get what is considered as passable content. 

One risk that is somewhat low but quite possible is plagiarism. As the natural language models use content created by others as reference and don’t have real world experience or knowledge, plagiarism is quite possible although most natural models do create unique content based on the data available. 

Also, all the major writers of their time have their own way of writing and use of words. As such the use of natural language models that can provide a dry sense of writing and mechanical way of presentation can really degrade the reading experience of the end users. Machine generated content is not likely to stir up emotions in the reader.

Can AI-generated content impact search ranking or not?

Google’s official position is that search rankings and AI generated content are not related. As Google is likely to roll out its own AI natural language processors, it will not downgrade the usage of AI processors by de-ranking them. Also its very difficult to find out if a text has been written by an AI or an actual person with the current advanced natural language processors that can provide text that is quite structured and comprehensible. 


Search engines are becoming increasingly adept at evaluating content quality and relevance, regardless of whether it is human-generated or AI-assisted. As long as AI-generated content maintains high standards of relevance, originality, and value, it can contribute positively to search rankings. However, it’s essential to remember that AI is a tool that should be used thoughtfully to enhance human creativity and expertise, rather than replace it entirely.


Posted on August 9, 2023 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel