Difference Between:- Angular5 vs ReactJS and Vue.js : What to Choose ?

Difference Between:- Angular5 vs ReactJS and Vue.js : What to Choose ?

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JavaScipt frameworks are developing very fast nowadays, meaning that today we frequently updating the versions of angular, reactJS and Vue.js.
As we analyzed the number of open vacancies worldwide that require expertise in a specific framework. As per the source of indeed.com, we got the graph of more than 60,000 job offers.

Here we share the advantage and disadvantages of frontend framework and help to developers, engineers or professionals to choose best one framework.

Angular JS Framework

The Angular.js Development is an open-source JS framework is backed up support by Google itself. It is mainly adopting by the startups and SMEs (Small to medium – scale Enterprises ) as it is supporting for simplifies testing with fast app development.

Benefits of Angular.js
  •  It provides two-way data binding with great DOM programming interface. and its consistently and regularly updated and as it is maintained by Google.
  • Its model is the plain javascript object with the old structure that is very easy to maintain, reuse and test.
  • It is easy to get support because the community size is huge.
  • It also works on a highly documented architecture.
  • New features like enhanced RXJS, faster compilation ( in under 3 sec.).
  • MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel)
Drawbacks of Angular.js
  • For some developers or programmer, it is tough to learning path of angular js.
  • The scopes used in angular.js are comparatively difficult to understand.
  • For effectively used of it, you need to have very good background knowledge.
  • In some different browser, its take extra time to render because of the DOM elements are involved in this.
  • Migration issue can appear while moving old version to latest version.
ReactJS Framework

ReactJs Development is a javascript library, opensource by facebook in 2013. When people working with reactJS they are dividing into two groups. One group stating as a framework and other one is describing as a javascript library. Its amazing user interface used in two of the most popular social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram are made on React.js.
This framework is prominently used to develop web as well as mobile user interface and that why react is not just a framework its considered as a ‘View Layer’.

Benefits of React.js
  • Easy to learn because of simplicity in term of syntax.
  • High level of flexibility and maximum responsiveness.
  • Used virtual DOM in react js that allow to arranging the documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML formats into a tree which is better for a browser as parsing the different elements of a web app.
  • For every different browser, it’s providing a great compatible event model to updates very fast.
  • 100% Open source javascript library.
  • Absolutely light-weighted because the data performing on user side can easily be represented on server side simultaneously.taneously.
  • Using the React components, the code can be reused easily.
  • As React community has made itself an impressive base. the developer can use many different tools as they go along with React smoothly.
Drawbacks of React.js
  • For Javascript developer, as using react syntax and its DOM creation process may look a little odd to you.
  • For using React.js there is requires some prior experience if a developer wants to use some additional libraries for a development project.
  • Sometimes it takes more time to figure out the differences between the current DOM and the virtual DOM.
Vue.js Framework

Vue.js is a javascript framework, launched in 2013. Its used to create the highly adaptable user interface and for single page applications.
At the end of 2017, Vue was tied for 3rd most downloadable javascript framework.
Even Facebook has used Vue for a marketing page.

Benefits of Vue.js
  • Empowered HTML. That means it has much similar functionality of angular js
  • Detailed documentation.
  • Adaptability. easy to move on vue.js framework because of similarity with angular and react in terms of architecture and design.
  • Awesome integration. It is used for single page applications as well as more difficult web interface of apps.
  • Large scaling. It helps to use a large reusable template which can be made with no extra time allocation for that as per its simple structure.
  • Tiny size. Its weight is around 20kb. that keeping its speed and flexibility which is gives better performance in comparison to other frameworks.
Drawbacks of Vue.js:
  • Lack of resources. It has a small market in comparison to react and angular.
  • Risk of over flexibility. Vue.js might have issues while integrating huge projects.
  • Lack of full English documentation. There is a partial complexity in some stage of development.

There is no substantial difference which framework to choose Because it just takes time to get used to new one. In so many companies are growing with react.js and angular.js, but Vue.js is also in demand and on board. Every framework has its own benefits and drawbacks, Meaning that we have to choose the right choice for every single case during the development of the project.

Posted on January 4, 2019 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel