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How To Develop A Feature Rich Medical Test App

Android Development,medical apps development,Mobile app development

Technology has always played an integral role in providing cutting edge medical services and solutions. Technology has especially come in handy for timely diagnosis of major diseases through x-rays, quick tests, and...

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Complete Guide on Fitness & Wellness App Development in 2021

Android Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,ios app developer

As per one survey by consumer trends, 59% of gym goers are not going back after the pandemic is over. Some gyms and gym chains might see a permanent shutting of business. The major factor driving this reluctance to...

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What Will It Cost To Develop Your Own App Like Life360

Android Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,Hire Remote Developers,ios app developer,IOT app development

Many parents are deeply worried about their children and their behaviors. Especially if the children are teenagers. Teenagers are taking their first steps into a larger world and parents want to be there help them...

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Is It Possible to Create Your Own Stocard Like App: Yes! Here’s How

Android Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,Hire Remote Developers,IOT,iPhone development company,Magento company,Mobile Development,Uncategorized

Stocard has taken the rewards and wallet app market by storm. Most consumers today have multiple loyalty cards from top retail chains, pharmacy chains and boutique stores. Carrying around all these loyalty cards becomes...

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How Agriculture App Development Works

Android Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,Hire Remote Developers,IOT,IOT app development,iPhone development company,Mobile app development,Uncategorized

Agriculture contributes $1.09 trillion to the US economy. Spanning 5% of the economic output. Farming/agriculture apps development is focused on tapping into this large potential of digital technology for this ever...

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How To Create an Innovative Healthcare App in 2021

Android Development,Artificial Intelligence,Augmented Reality Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,Hire Remote Developers,IOT app development,medical apps,medical apps development,Mobile app development

The Mhealth app development market is expected to reach a total value of nearly $189 billion by the end of 2025. A staggering number considering the relatively late adoption of information technology by the healthcare...

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Education Apps Development in 2021

Android Development,Cross Platform Mobile App Development,Hire Remote Developers,IOT app development,iPhone development company,Mobile app development

The current pandemic has seen a surge in demand for education apps development. While there are various streaming & tutorial apps available to take online classes, the scope of the education apps is not just limited...

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Develop A Video Conferencing Application Like Zoom

Android Development,Hire Remote Developers,Hiring Dedicated Developers,iPhone Developer,iPhone Development,iPhone development company,Mobile app development,video conferencing app

Because of the Covid pandemic, teleconferencing apps such as Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meet have seen an increased usage. According to Bill Gates, even after the pandemic is over, international business travel...

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How AI Is Transforming Mobile App Landscape

Android Development,Artificial Intelligence,Hiring Dedicated Developers,IOT,IOT app development,Machine Learning

The mobile app development market is seeing new technology and inventions happening every day. With the increased focus among various expert app developers and the intense focus companies put on giving good customer...

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Healthcare Apps Development in 2020: An Overview

Android Development,Artificial Intelligence,IOT,IOT app development,medical apps,medical apps development

The current State of Healthcare Apps Market

The Healthcare apps market is estimated to reach nearly $113 billion by 2023. With smartphones becoming near universal combined with good connectivity in developed...

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Why You Should Opt for Single Code Base Development

Android Development,IOT,IOT app development,iPhone Development,Mobile app development,Mobile Development,Progressive Web Apps,Software Application Development

One product, one codebase is the latest trend of the mobile app solutions market right now. It is feasible for both mobile app developers as well as mobile app owners. There is a popular belief that single codebase...

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All You Need To Know About Solution Specific Mobile App Development

Android Development,Artificial Intelligence,Augmented Reality Development,iPhone Developer,iPhone Development,Mobile app development,Uncategorized

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, the market situation for mobile app development solutions has changed drastically. There is an increasing demand for grocery and health sector apps and some sectors have become affected...

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Top Trends Driving the E-commerce Web & App Development Process

Android Development,IOT app development,Magento,Magento company,Mobile app development,SEO,shopify,Web Development,Wordpress

The E-commerce industry is expected to reach nearly $4 trillion by end of 2020. It may have already reached due to the transition to E-commerce enabled by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


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Mobile App Development in 2020

Android Development,IOT,iPhone,iPhone 7,iPhone Developer,iPhone Development,Mobile app development,Mobile Development

Smartphones have become a major necessity for every human belonging to any class, race, religion, nation or financial background. Which has directly impacted the mobile app development market. Initially, smartphones...

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Surge of on Demand Grocery Ordering App amid Covid19 Lockdown

Android Development,iPhone Development,Mobile app development

COVID-19 coronavirus has impacted closely each sector of the worldwide market. The retail industry is one such stream that has been seeing a high increase in demand and a lack of products. And with this current flow...

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Kotlin vs Java: Which One Is Better For Android App Development?

Android Development

Last year, Google I/O conference has declared Kotlin as an officially supported language in Android which has shook the digital world. Since then, many mobile app developers or newbies...

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Advantage of ReactJS & React Native

Android Development,iPhone Development,Mobile app development,Web Development

What Is ReactJS?             

ReactJS fundamentally is an open-source JavaScript library that is utilized for building UIs, particularly for single page applications....

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How I Select Best Mobile App Development Platform?

Android Development,iPhone Development,Mobile app development,Mobile Development

Have you build your software on Android or iOS? Possibly each of them. Windows Phone or Blackberry maybe?

If you’re reading this text, it is because...

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Android N: Everything You Need To Know

Android Development,Mobile Development

Google has surprised everyone with the spontaneous announcement of the Android N. This early version of the next major Android software update, due to be released later in the year, gives...

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