What’s Mojave Offers You Need to Know About?

What’s Mojave Offers You Need to Know About?

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Nowadays It’s time for mobile technology. Each and every possibility aesthetic on the mobile application. One of the awaited launch on every year is Apple WWDC with a new iPhone launch. On 4 jun,2018 apple does not launch iPhone sound like sad but they were proclaimed interesting new macOS Mojave(desert in California). Inspired by the desert at night,macOS Mojave is first Mac update without mountain themed name.

So what’s Mojave offers you need to know about?

                                                  Dark Mode

                                            “Shine your modesty”  

       Now you can switch to a dark mode to transform your desktop to dark mode colour theme. To try the dark mode feature here

                System Preferences -> General -> Appearance.

         Dark Mode works with built-in apps that come with your Mac, and third-party apps can adopt it too. It’s a free working environment that’s easy to your eyes. Now you can easily put your best work forward with the dark mode.

                                      Dynamic Desktop and Stacks

                                        “Natural beauty with cluttered”

                                                Dynamic Desktop

        How you can adobe natural beauty to mac. On Mojave update, Apple came up with the dynamic desktop. A desktop will change dynamically based on real-time whenever you are and what time on there sound like wow…!!!.

        A window that shows you the beauty of nature and that’s beauty in your work environment with time shifting desktop picture dynamically to match the time of day wherever you are.

“Mojave os update not based on any mountaineer theme as you can find natural beauty with dynamic desktop”


How you can manage different-different file to set up on your desktop.What if your OS can did it for you. Mojave’s stack will automatically organize your files to related sets of type. Now sorting by name, by the date you added, by the time you modified are become more powerful. It will help to easily manage metadata.

          “it’s better to get right things on right time and the mojave stack will do it”

                                                        Quick Look

                                       “do your work without file opening”

            Now you can perform a quick action on your image, pdf, audio, video and document file without opening the differently formatted file. On Mojave make your working experience smart enough to apply quickly perform actions on it. On single space tap user can mark up, crop, rotated image and pdf.

        With new Mojave quick look user can trim audio and video without even opening that audio and video files. The user can share different-different file format via mail, messages or airdrop.The user can share different-different dfffffileviaviiamail,messages or air drop. air drop.

Posted on August 20, 2018 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel