Mobile App Development Framework Trends In 2022

Mobile App Development Framework Trends In 2022

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We have seen an amazing change in mobile application development over the last couple of years. Companies are making the best effort to adapt up to the newest technologies and client’s requirements. Take any mobile apps, and you will think that it’s simple and expressive with an amazing user interface. It’s all a direct result of the mobile development technologies used to grow such applications.

Mobile Application frameworks provide components such as tools, debuggers, compilers, and components that allow developers to pick and choose the right components and write code to create the perfect app for iOS or Android.




That being said, here are the top technologies to consider for mobile app development in 2022.

#1 React Native

React Native is the most well-known and implemented framework for Mobile application development. It renders error-free great mobile applications for iOS and Android effectively. React Native is additionally one of the promising open-source, cross-platform mobile frameworks that utilize a native platform. The community of React Native developers provides constant support and technical support to each other. With the help of this astonishing cross-platform framework, Hire React Native developers can build amazing Android and iOS applications.

Most Popular applications build using React Native:







#2 Flutter

Flutter is a free, open-source platform giving a development kit to develop excellent applications. The benefit of Flutter is that it incorporates mobile and web applications. Flutter is a satisfactory platform for creating expressive applications for Android and iOS. The language utilized is Dart – object-oriented programming language, which gives developers all the advantages of object-oriented concept. Flutter utilizes a single code base for gathering the whole application to native code.

Most Popular applications build using Flutter:




Google Ads Application

Coach Yourself

#3 Ionic

Ionic is a proficient mobile framework that is utilized for creating cross-platform mobile applications. Ionic gives a free platform and uses the combination of advanced HTML, CSS3, and Javascript for building native, web, and hybrid applications. Using Ionic is an ideal decision to build hybrid applications and web applications that utilizes HTML5. Ionic is a popular framework that creates applications for platforms, for example, Android, Windows, and iOS. Ionic gives the best performance because of the minimal utilization of DOM.

Most Popular applications build using Ionic:




McDonald’s Turkey application


#4 Xamarin

Xamarin App Development is .NET based framework that gives to builds applications for Windows, iOS, and Android. It’s a layer of deliberation that controls the communications occurring between the manual codebase. The application can be made for any platform, with 90% of the code reusability that expands development productivity. Xamarin gives an inviting climate to development. It is significantly used for building hybrid applications.

Most Popular applications build using Xamarin:

The World Bank

BBC Great Food


Alaska Airline

#5 jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a UI framework dependent on HTML5. It is created as a UI layer on top of the jQuery Center Javascript framework. It gives the web application experience to tablets and mobiles easily. It supports working frameworks like-iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle, Firefox, and some more. It additionally accompanies different plugins for making the web page simpler and user interactive.

#6 Kotlin

Kotlin is a cross-platform and statically typed programming language having type inference. Kotlin is significantly designed to be interoperable with Java and its distinctive adaptation of JVM. Because of the sort deduction include, its syntax is compact relatively. Kotlin targets JVM and furthermore complies with Javascript or native code.

#7 Swiftic

Swiftic is one of the most effortless to utilize the mobile application development framework that creates mobile applications in a matter of moments. Its use is generally to make, promote, and publish the application. It is known as the one of best framework on account of its easy to use and clean user interface. It additionally gives features, for example, – application promotions, coupons in the application, scratch cards, message pop-ups, and some more.

Most Popular applications build using Swiftic:

Spa Cafe

Muve Magazine

The Gentlemen’s Barber

#8 Corona SDK

Corona is an open-source cross-platform most appropriate for creating applications and games for mobiles, tablets, and desktops. It is a Lua based mobile framework that gives speed, simplicity, scalability, and flexibility for application development. Basically, Corona SDK is used for developing games and hybrid applications. Crown SDK reflects moment changes in the simulator.

Most Popular applications build using Corona SDK:

Egg Baby


Zip Zap

The Lost City

I Love Hue

#9 PhoneGap

PhoneGap App development is another system for versatile application advancement that forms applications for cross-platform use. The only prerequisite for utilizing PhoneGap is to have your grip over HTML, CSS, and Javascript. PhoneGap may not adapt to your hardware intensive applications, so it won’t be advisable to create gaming applications using PhoneGap.

Most Popular applications build using PhoneGap:



The DHS program


Final Thought

If you are looking to get your mobile app developed in 2022, do let us know. We will be happy to provide you with a confidential and detailed analysis of your requirements.

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