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Leave behind the yesteryear's technology of simple video tutoring to innovative online real-time tutoring through on demand tutor app.

On Demand Learning App

Transform Your Tutoring Business through Our On Demand Tutor App Development Service

IT Path Solutions is one of the leading service providers for educational platforms as we understand the need for faster, better, clear, innovating, interactive and easy to use the platform, which can transform the online teaching process. With great apps, businesses become a part of your easy lives and they reduce hassles in your business. Tutor apps can reduce the gap between online students and the teacher in an effective way. The modern trend of apps allows the tutors and teachers to update their content on the digital platforms in a better way.
Today’s education system is developing and everyone wants to get the best possible services to learn new concepts, and become a professional or expert by acquiring skills with ease from online tutors. In this fast-paced world, the impulsive nature of customers creates a need for a better platform where all the features are available on a single platform. We understand this requirement of tutors and educational institute. As a result, we can develop an app, which is compatible with all platforms including every important feature needed by online teachers in one single platform. Some of the requirements are as follows

  • Tutors are looking for an all in one format for easy and hassle-free service
  • Developers wants to manage institutions, tutors, students, and payment on a single platform
  • Real-time coaching services
  • Tutors want to set up a virtual classroom.
  • Teachers want to have an app like Byjus
  • Easy student management system with sign up, login and profile management
  • Social media services within a platform
  • Tutor search online and reviewing educational institutes
  • Video, audio, and creative online teaching
  • Reviews and ratings
  • One platform to upload and access all the learning content
  • Creative teaching through models, online class and graphics
  • The online payment process and customer support
  • Increased number of students in a classroom

Benefits Of Our Tutoring App Transform Your Educational Services

To transform your online tutoring service or educational services, contact us today and get experts opinion

Learning should not end and in the modern education system, online teaching is the way as it infuses aspects of creative learning, time of learning, mode of learning and tutor search.

Students will search for teachers and their services through online mode for better learning.

Management through virtual classroom can be easy Easy management through student panel, teacher’s panel and administrator panel.

Schedule, matching, allocation, tracking and payment services will remove management hassle. An app like Byjus help the students to learn in a creative way.

Integration of different payment modes, mobile and wallets.

Students can view online tutors and their information in a reliable way through reviews and qualifications. Further, they can review and rate their performance.

  • Student login and management app

    The app should allow the users especially students to log in to the account through a secure channel and it should have options to manage their information. Online tutors can view the information of students for better analytics.

  • Video streaming with creative learning

    The app needs to have a creative learning environment through online teaching, better graphics, graphical content, images and other aspects of creative learning. Students can use the content whenever they want for better learning.

  • Search for tutors and educational institutions

    The on demand tutor app needs to have a customized search option where students can search for a particular tutor, search tutors in an area, find educational services online and select the options based on the learning environment.

  • View tutor and student information

    Tutors should be allowed to view online students and their information (based on students and tutors customization) and provide an environment where both students and teachers can analyze each other’s performance in online class.

  • Virtual tutoring

    The app should include a virtual classroom where teachers and students can interact with each other and discuss the subject without any intervention. The virtual classrooms can be a chat room, video conference, or a combination of both.

  • Multiple Categories

    Course and subject categories should be included in the app where students and online teachers can check the content in each category and courses. The content needs to be updated in categories according to the course selected.

  • The report, rate, and review

    Students should be allowed to rate and review the tutors based on online teaching abilities. Further, they can add a particular course, category, and teacher in the favorite list.

  • Online payment and tracking options

    The app needs to have an online payment option where students can pay for the service through different payment options available. Further, time tracking and service tracking can improve the service provided by teachers.

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Leave behind the yesteryear's technology of simple video tutoring to innovative online real-time tutoring through on demand tutor app.

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