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Stay Healthy and Connected With Healthcare with Advanced Doctor on Demand Mobile App

On demand Doctor App

Do you know that world is becoming very small in the digital world and bringing people together as the technology is offering a unique yet realistic way of connecting people be it your family, friends, doctor or any other important service provider? We are one of the pioneers in this field as we can develop online doctor consultation app for healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

Why You Need An Online Doctor Consulting App?

The answer to this question is based on different criteria. We, at IT Path Solutions, have identified the needs and modifying our technology according to the needs of the hour. For example, in the USA, one in two patients are suffering from chronic diseases and they spend most of their time online. One out of three patients uses social media to find information on particular Healthcare, pharmacy or doctor. That’s why we believe in bridging the gap between Healthcare and patients.

More than 32% of people share their user experience on the internet. More than 60% of doctors prefer online mode of consulting when the user in a remote location and 90% use online app platforms to provide an initial consultation. Modern Mobile apps for healthcare are the solution as anyone can find and contact pharmaceutical and Healthcare services.

  • Developers want to manage patients, doctors, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services through patient panel, doctor and pharmaceutical panel and administrator panel
  • It is hard to find one stop app for all pharmaceutical and Healthcare service needs.
  • Separate control panels and apps for patient, doctors and pharmaceuticals
  • Admin privileges for app owners to control doctor info, patient demand and healthcare service
  • The gap between doctors and patient is still high
  • Difficulty in getting the second opinion
  • Ambulance services
  • Takes a lot of time
  • Costly medicines and treatment
  • Unavailability of services, patient engagement software and medicines
  • The online payment process and customer support
  • Increased number of students in a classroom

Benefits Of Our Services Offer The Best On-Demand Doctor App

For more details contact our experts and make your Online doctor consultation app more user-friendly and productive.

We can integrate the user with healthcare but the services should be dynamic so that businesses and citizens both can benefit from it.

Different apps to manage patients, doctors, pharmaceuticals and healthcare services through patient panel, doctor and pharmaceutical panel and administrator panel.

We identify your target audience and define the purpose and objectives of your app for better system design with response. Highly interactive user interface and organized data within the app.

Genuine, trusted, reliable and verifiable content push to patients to manage reputation and increase coverage.

quick payment option and use of AR and VR technology for better assistance for patients.

Easy and effective doctor appointment with OPD management within the system along with alarm systems.

We Make Sure You Are Connected With Your Patients

We develop highly customizable and responsive on-demand doctor app or online doctor consultation app.

Services for Doctors App

  • Patient support
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Consultation
  • EHRs
  • Patient management
  • Blogs and articles
  • Awareness spread
  • Messaging
  • Virtual visits

Services for Patients App

  • Doctor, and pharma search
  • Ambulance services
  • Community help
  • Online medicine orders
  • Communication
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Profile management
  • Online payment
  • Order track and second opinion from healthcare

Services for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals App

  • Patient services
  • Healthcare promotion
  • Service promotion
  • Online pharmacy
  • EHRs
  • Blogs and articles
  • Awareness spread
  • Messaging
  • Virtual visits
  • Patient management

Ambulance Services App

  • Ambulance services
  • Address track
  • Destination and first aid
  • Quick response and accident prevention
  • Mobile health

    Mobile apps for healthcare should be compatible with all platforms be it be iOS or Android. The app allows healthcare, pharmaceuticals, doctors and online health service providers to establish a clear relationship with the patients. The app includes all the options you want to give to your patients including your business details.

  • Messaging services

    We can use communication services through direct push messages, online chat, video calls, facetime, real-time monitoring, and social media connectivity through healthcare app. The patient can easily share his or her data including X-Ray reports, medical reports or case files.

  • Virtual visits

    App should limit the long distance travel and allow real-time monitoring of the patients where a doctor can monitor the patient and suggest for further process through E-visit. Patient engagement software plays as the mediator in the process.

  • Patient Management Software Service with patient, doctor and admin panel

    Doctors and Healthcare can use the app to store patient records in a secure manner so that the doctor can access the files and review when needed. Further, EHRs allow a safer store and organize a system for users and healthcare. Meetings and appointments can be set in minutes and reminders can also be obtained.

  • Community doctor and Healthcare assistance services

    Online health app allows the users to search for different pharmaceuticals, doctors or health services so that they check the information, reviews, experience, and other aspects to choose from the best in the Healthcare community.

  • Medicine delivery

    Healthcare app development service can provide integrated medicine delivery option in the app catalog where doctors and pharmaceuticals can conduct direct business with patients by following online medicine selling rules by the government.

Technology stack


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