Hotel & Travel Search booking app & software development By IT Path Solutions
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Walk In drive 15th June 2024 (Saturday)

Hotel360 - Hotel & Travel Search Booking App Development

Hotel360 is an app through which users will be able to check hotel rooms virtually before booking it and with different aspects of room models user will be able to know how one hotel room differs with other one as per its location and other scenarios.


What is Hotel360?

Augmented Reality offers Hotels & Travelling Business boundless potential to engage guests and travelers. These days everyone keeps their smartphones while visiting a new destination. Thus, AR provides all-new ways for users to use these smart devices to get engage with a place in a different way.
We can say that hoteliers who leverage these opportunities will more deeply connect with visitors and travelers. Thereby, will stand strong to reap a wide range of benefits, from deeper engagement to wider social media impact.





Technology Stack

Android studio