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Cloud Camera

Video surveillance project came with the requirement of handle CCTV camera controls and features like change camera angle (up, down, left, right), zoom in/out camera, we can also change camera profile like low, medium, HD from the own developed application itself rather use any ready-made third party software. The application should able to records 24x7 days recording and stored on the database. So, user can watch the recorded video any time from the application. For watch recorded video we have built own custom flow player with all custom features like play, pause, seek etc. It also handle other device to which camera is attached and user can control those cameras from this application.


What is Cloud Camera?

For record camera view we have built one service which will continuous run and record 5-5 min video using ffmpeg exe and save recording start and end date time into DB and save recorded video files into physical directory. We have faced major recording issue while recording videos using ffmpeg, in that first video end time must be the start time of second video and we are not able to record the video from the end of first video and approx. 1 or 2 second video getting missed up while recording
To play recorded video in flow player we have used nimble server. In that from the network user can easily get the URL of recorded video with nimble server port and it is not good as per security point of view and Anonymous user should not access camera video streams directly via browser and user cannot download stream videos, because it may request to nimble server and server will returns response as a stream.
As per client requirement we have to implement HLS video recording with flow player & nimble. We have to setup nimble configuration without WMS panel and that was big challenges. For configuring nimble with http and https we have to configure nimble.config and rules.config file. Nimble streamer is useful to play HLS streaming videos using any HLS video player. After setting up nimble we have setting up HLS camera video URL into flow player to play that video.





Technology Stack

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