How To Successfully Develop Your Own Salon App

How To Successfully Develop Your Own Salon App


The salon and beauty care market is estimated to reach $500 billion in the US for 2021. Personal care is the main driver of this market segment. Large scale demand across genders is now enabling small-scale salons and salon chains to generate good numbers.

Many salons and salon chains are opting for salon app development to meet the increased user demand and provide a convenient avenue to users to get in touch with the salons and avail the services they want.

What is Salon App Development

Salon apps are on-demand apps that allow users to know and book the various services their nearby salons have on offer. Salons can get in touch with users and offer them services online using an app. Users can book offline services but by using an app and avoid the hassle of booking in person or through phones. Salon apps can also have many additional features such as product selling, online classes and tutorials, expert contact, and many more which we will discuss in the article.

There are two types of salon apps:

  • Aggregator which collects a list of all nearby salons and their services.
  • The dedicated app is developed by a particular salon to get in touch with its user base and enhance its offerings

How To Develop a Salon App

There are multiple factors to keep in mind when developing a robust salon app . The factors are:

  • Main Features of the application
  • Admin Panel Features
  • Monetization

Main Features of the Salon Application

Social Media Login

Users can login from their existing social and email accounts, Saving them the hassle of creating and registering a new account.

Social Feed

A social feed could allow users to tag themselves when they are at the salon and get updates from the salon and other patrons of the salon who are on the same platform. This will enhance the branding fro the salon.

Saloon Services

A list of all services offered by the salon and a description of what that service entails.

Booking Spot

Based on the services on the offer, the end-user can book a service as per their time and convenience. Notification of the booking will go to both the salon and the user. Users can book single or multiple appointments.


When a user books a service, he/she should be reminded at an appropriate time and at an appropriate frequency to reach the salon for the service. The admin panel on the salon side should also reflect all upcoming appointments.

Push Notifications

The salon owners cans end push notifications to the end-user to remind them of service appointments, offers, and all the latest happenings with the salon

Offers & Discounts Section

Users can learn of the latest salon discounts and offer with the dedicated section on discounts and offers on salons and the particular services that might be on discount. Salons can generate more revenue from services that are not in high demand by offering them up at a discount.

Style Suggestions with AR/VR

Customers can check out how a hairstyle or new beauty treatment will look like with the use of AR/VR and try out the services and their effects virtually. This will help customers choose services better and will lead to increased user satisfaction for the salon.

A proposed salon app interface
Payment Integration

Customers can pay online with all the major debit and credit cards and avoid paying in-store or the hassle of carrying cash in case they are heading for an event or wedding.

Photo Gallery

Customers can upload and access photos of their previous salon outings to suggest to the salon the same treatment or hairstyle for their current booking.

Online Reviews

customers can leave online reviews about the salon and its services. This will help the salon understand the customers and their needs better.

Admin Panel Features

Admin panel features will be utilized by the salon or the entrepreneur who is providing the aggregator app to the salons.

Manage Customer Requests

Salon owners can manage customer requests related to queries, bookings, and other customer queries.

Appointment Scheduling

Salon owners can confirm or reject customer bookings based on the availability of experts, timings, and increased customer demand.

Service Listings

Salon owners can launch new services and their details and rates.

Reviews & Response

Salon owners can respond as the salon to the user reviews and check the reviews posted.

Payment Management

Salons can check and manage the payments received to the salon and keep track of all outstanding payments and collected payments.

Launch Offers

Salon owners can launch offers to entice customers with notifications, email, and SMS right from the app admin panel.


The app can be monetized as per the app type. If it’s an aggregator, the app owner can charge a fixed fee for the listing of the salon and for the transactions conducted on the app.

If it’s a dedicated app for a salon or salon chain, they can monetize by charging for services, e-Commerce sales of in-house salon products, and other ancillary services.


Salon apps are becoming essential for modern salons to meet the evolving needs of customers and enhance operational efficiency. If you’re seeking to develop your own salon app, reach out to a reputable Salon App Development Company to discuss a confidential plan and estimated timeline tailored to your business goals.

Posted on May 31, 2021 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel