How To Create A Feature-Rich On Demand House Cleaning App in 2024

How To Create A Feature-Rich On Demand House Cleaning App in 2024

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An average American spends 2 to 4 hours each week performing cleaning for his or her house and its surroundings. The global market for house cleaning alone is worth roughly $300 billion in 2020. As such, there is a lot of scopes to free up people’s time and provide more convenience while tapping into this massive opportunity.

On-Demand House Cleaning Apps: Introduction

As discussed above, there is tremendous scope for on-demand house cleaning apps and best app for house cleaning that can provide ease of use and convenience to the end-users. Instead of cleaning or performing these services themselves, the end-user can simply avail the services of a service provider and save time and improve quality of life.

Such apps will allow users to book from cleaning, laundry, carpentry and other types of common household chores, book as per timings needed, and as per the offers and discounts by the end service provider. The app maker can simply collect fees for the transaction or generate revenue through ads if your app is the best app for house cleaning.

Let’s discuss how this app for house cleaning will look and its main features.

Features of User Panel


Under this section, users have to fill in their basic details and then sign-up by either using their social account or personal credentials.

One-tap Booking

Users can search for the required services and the service providers who provide them in the app for house cleaning, select the best possible option as per them and book the right services. It will be simple and easy to do so and the app provider should strive to offer more and more options in all categories.

View Booking

This feature allows the user to view the booking with all the necessary details such as destination, time schedule, payment structure, and much more inside the app for house cleaning itself.

Online consultation

Using this feature, users can communicate directly with the cleaners or service providers. Moreover, this feature enables the services provider or the cleaners to understand the user’s requirements in a better way by interacting with the end user beforehand and delivering customized solution.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking in the app for house cleaning can help both service providers and users to find nearby service providers or users and for directions for offline visit.

Check Cleaner Availability

With this feature, user can check the service provider’s availability in the time slot required by them.

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House cleaning app should be easy to use and feature rich

Features of Service Provider Panel


This section is similar to the user panel, under this feature, cleaners or service providers can register into the house cleaning app with the help of their email or social accounts.

Manage Profile

Using these features, cleaners or service providers can easily manage their profile as well they can add their experience, portfolio, and areas of expertise to attract maximum users.

Accept/Decline Request

This feature helps cleaner to manage their busy schedule, with this feature, cleaners or service providers can accept or reject users’ requests according to their schedule, time slots, and the number of requests.

Manage Order Request

This feature allows cleaners to manage their all assigned requests in the app for house cleaning as well they can switch between different requests according to their time slots and busy schedule.

Payment receipt

With multiple payment modules integrate within the house cleaning app, cleaners can receive the payment from users, as well they can also check all their completed and pending transactions.

View ratings and reviews

This feature allows cleaners to view the reviews and ratings by the users and use the feedback to improve services.

Feature of Admin Panel

Online Schedule Management

Under this section, admin can easily manage all scheduled booking, cleaners, and users registered. Possible making your app a best app for house cleaning.

Customer Services

This particular feature allows the admin to communicate with the users to identify the problems and work on improving in a better way.

Dashboard and Analytic

Admin controls the major part of the app, with this feature admin can track and manage all the data such as number of cleaners registered, offers, app usability, types of services purchased, etc. as well admin can view insight and analytics about the data.

Manage Services Provider and Users

This feature allows the admin to manage all services providers and users in the app.

Manage Services and prices

This feature allows the admin to manage all services provided to the users and price structures, as well admin can change the services and price structure according to the users requirements and market trends.

Transaction details

With this feature, the admin can manage all transactions provided by the users as well admin can generate receipts for services rendered.

Monetizing the app

This feature allows the admin to manage and monitor all the in-app purchases, promotions, emails campaigns, and advertisements.


Admins can opt for aggregator app development and monetize by charging a transaction fee or they can monetize by offering premium services or by providing ads to generate revenue.


House cleaning services can be easily monetized by an aspiring app entrepreneur. A good advantage of such services is that you can start locally and then keep on expanding. We have extensive experience in providing app development related to various B2C verticals. Do get in touch if you want to discuss your idea confidentially.

Posted on February 4, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel