How AI Is Transforming Mobile App Landscape

How AI Is Transforming Mobile App Landscape

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The mobile app development market is seeing new technology and inventions happening every day. With the increased focus among various expert app developers and the intense focus companies put on giving good customer experience, AI & Ml app development are the latest tools coming in handy for app development projects and solutions.  According to a Gartner survey, artificial intelligence (AI) use has increased by 270% for companies developing their apps.

With Artificial Intelligence or AI, data analysis, detection, and modeling of user behavior and subsequently matching that behavior model to actual user behavior is quite easy. Developers no longer need to comb through the copious amounts of data such activities generate to arrive at a conclusion in fact they get the results presented to them on a platter by a well-built AI interface.

Some major AI interfaces that people are already familiar with are Apple Siri, Alexa by Amazon, and Google’s AI interfaces. Large organizations that need to process, analyze, and implement from a large pool of data are increasingly relying on AI to deal with such large amounts of data their users generate.

One other major advantage of AI is automation which is especially helpful in shoring up customer experience for example through chatbots which can substitute for human interaction and is available 24/7.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is the process of computers and digital devices learning on their own without being programmed, in traditional systems think DOS, you had to do everything manually and the machine needed user input at every step of the way.

There are two ways Machine Learning takes place, Supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

In Supervised Learning, the machine notices user behavior and explicitly asks for input, and uses the most common factors, rules, and behaviors to provide the right output to the user. For example, In Google Photos, users are asked to associate People and their pictures and the Google algorithm arranges the subsequent photos based on the user input received.

In unsupervised learning, the goal is to find hidden patterns and behaviors that can aid the user, for example, e-commerce sites using deep user behavior analysis to suggest products to the end-user.

Current Trends in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Since the use and applications of AI & Ml are limitless, all businesses and verticals are slowly built surely integrating their core and non-core business processes or enhancing them with the use of AI & ML.

Ecommerce: In eCommerce, AI can be used for chatbots for customer support, Enhanced Machine learning can uncover hidden user behavior and preferences to suggest them new products and provide them with trending products based on their customer persona, location, interests.

CRM: Large organizations that deal with a large amount of customer and client data are now increasingly relying on AI & Ml to uncover hidden patterns, establish new relationships, and provide better customer service and sales activity.

AI is entering all the fields to support them up.

With its current features, almost all fields are utilizing the benefits. Some of the big trends seen in Artificial Intelligence Development many sectors are,


Augmented reality development and virtual reality are the future of the technology that is conquering the business areas. The utilization of Artificial intelligence can bring out the accuracy for data collection, analysis, and utilization. Exact data can guarantee that different applications of AR/VR give amazing results.

Digital Marketing

With methods such as programmatic advertising and enhanced reportage & tracking across multiple advertising channels not to mention enhanced learning of user response to ads, digital marketing is being even more data-driven with the use of AI & ML.


By combining IoT and AI & ML, the devices can be monitored for their usage, usage patterns and new untapped usage functions can be developed by AI & ML. Devices in the IoT development sphere can be programmed to respond in a certain way to user inputs. Taking things further, companies are automating their entire supply chains using IoT by combining warehouses, Drones, and connecting them with user interfaces such as websites and apps.


AI & ML can transform the long-dormant customer experience of the healthcare industry. AI is being used by researchers to develop new drugs, predict the effects and side effects of new potential drugs, and develop responses to emerging diseases.

For example, the Covid19 virus was sequenced after 10 days of China reporting its first cases allowing vaccine and therapeutics developers to use artificial models to analyze the virus and its weak spots to develop vaccines and therapeutics.


Games that keep updating on the levels and user expertise showed overtime, inputs on graphics and modules and players, characters received in real-time, there are limitless things AI & Ml can do for the gaming industry.


With the advantages of combining AI & Ml with an state of the art IOT app interface, more and more businesses are opting for IOT app development solutions by experts such as IT Path Solutions. If you need your IOT app designed, contact us Below.

Posted on November 24, 2020 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel