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When you hire AngularJs developers India from IT Path Solutions, we provide a high level of transparency and flexibility to cater to your business demands in today’s digital driven market. Hire Our expert Dedicated AngularJS Developers to develop high-performance, scalable and robust web apps that boost your business. We offer dedicated Angularjs developers with extensive experience on a dedicated, hourly, or full-time basis who stay updated with the latest versions and features. They can be hired on multiple payment models.

Hire our Angularjs developers India to build advanced single-page applications and complete client side solutions. Our Dedicated AngularJS Developers are capable of building real-time & interactive future ready web and mobile applications. They have expertise in all latest Angular versions, tool and technologies, including two-way data binding, dependency injections, routing, directives, Server-Side Rendering, deferred loading optimization, services, etc.

At IT Path Solutions, we implement the latest technologies and use powerful Angularjs applications tools that make fast, responsible and scalable applications. Our 150+ developers team is constantly growing and connecting experienced tech savvies to build a trusted application.  Looking for Dedicated Angular Developers for Hire? Contact us today to hire Full-stack AngularJS developers India to deliver robust web applications built with the powerful platform of AngularJS.




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Our Full-Stack Angular JS Development Services

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Enterprise AngularJS Web App Development

Hire dedicated AngularJS developers India, we build web apps for large-scale enterprises, which are secure, reliable, and scalable at the same time.

Angular JS Real-Time App Development

Hire our expert dedicated AngularJS developers for building real-time & interactive future ready web and mobile apps, which exhibit high performance and scalability.

Platform Migration & Re-Development Services

Our remote AngularJs developers are enabled to re-engineer and migrate your existing apps to AngularJS for an enhanced experience.

AngularJS Portal Development

We have a team of Angular JS developers that offer the best services to develop portal applications using the latest tools and technologies.

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With a mutual bilateral NDA in place additionally signed by each developers & business team if required, you can be assured that your confidential market and product information along with the USP(Unique Selling Proposition) will remain private and secure as the production will be all in-house subcontracting agencies & freelancers.


Our uniquely curated industrial offering of No Compromise on Quality (NCQ Policy) ensures that even in dedicated hiring based on fixed billing amount, if any part of your project, marked as completed & tested, if turns out to be non-functioning/mal-functioning, will be exempted from billing efforts & amount in accordance and will be adjusted only when justified or completed with your approval.


Having a long term business plan is vital for you and us as well, so, we provide you no-obligation screening & interview process with every shortlisted in-house developer you hire with us.


Our flexible hiring model can help you to either get a fixed quote or even hire an Agile team with a promised turnaround time of 24-48 hours to build your Virtual office as your extended Offshore Development Center with us.


We have flexible no-obligation contract that facilitates hassle free changes be it addition or reduction in the agreed billing cycle or resources as and when your project, priority or budget changes.


Either under Fixed Cost Or Hiring Model, you will be entitled as the sole owner of the source code and all intellectual property rights, but with only obvious expectation of due payment being clear.

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Considering hiring AngularJS developers from India offers several advantages, including:

  1. Access to a Large Talent Pool: India hosts a massive community of skilled and experienced professionals, offering easy access to qualified AngularJS developers
  2. Technical Expertise: Indian developers are renowned for their proficiency in AngularJS, enabling them to tackle complex projects effectively
  3. Scalable Solutions: Indian developers excel at creating scalable web applications, catering to both startups and established businesses
  4. Customizable Solutions: Indian AngularJS developers offer tailor-made solutions suited to each unique business requirement
  5. Flexible Hiring Models: Companies can opt for various hiring models, such as full-time, part-time, contract-based, or remote arrangements, allowing for greater flexibility
  6. Competitive Rates: Hiring AngularJS developers from India is generally less expensive than doing so in other regions, resulting in cost savings without compromising quality
  7. Continuous Learning: Indian developers stay abreast of the latest developments in AngularJS, keeping their skillsets relevant and up-to-date
  8. Round-the-Clock Support: Due to the time zone difference, Indian developers can contribute to round-the-clock development and support, enhancing efficiency

These factors collectively position India as a strategic location for sourcing AngularJS development talent, helping businesses achieve their objectives in terms of quality, timely delivery, and cost effectiveness

Yes, we offer post-development support and maintenance services to address any issues, implement updates, and ensure the continued success of your front-end applications. Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

Yes, you have the flexibility to scale the AngularJS development team up or down based on your project’s evolving needs. We understand that project requirements may change, and we are adaptable to ensure optimal resource allocation.

We offer flexible hiring models to cater to diverse project needs. Whether you need a dedicated AngularJS developer, a team for a specific project, or an extended development team, we can customize our hiring models to align with your requirements.

IT Path Solutions is a reputable IT company with a proven track record in delivering high-quality AngularJS development services. Our developers possess extensive experience and are adept at creating dynamic, scalable, and efficient web applications using AngularJS.

Our AngularJS developers are highly skilled in front-end development, Single Page Application (SPA) development, and have a strong command over AngularJS frameworks. They are well-versed in AngularJS versions and stay updated with the latest advancements in the Angular ecosystem.