Minds & Body - Guided Meditation App Development Case Study

Minds & Body

Minds & Body app is developed by IT-Path solutions which aim to help people and organizations to develop inner leadership with the help of the research-based knowledge that is within mindfulness and emotional intelligence.


What is Minds & Body?

Minds & Body is specialized in training on management and staff levels. Minds & Body is dedicated in training and certifying Minds & Body instructors as well as providing courses for individuals.
Guided meditations for relaxation and focus, designed for mindfulness training.
Enjoyable guided meditations for relaxation and focus, specially designed for mindfulness training. Between 3 and 50 minutes in length. Choose between 35 different meditations.


Android, iOS


Java , Swift 3.1

Men & Women
Audio meditation

User has the option to choose between male and female audio voice for meditation, Users can download men and women voice audio meditation clips. Play and listen to audio clips, Add audio clips in his favorite list and many other features available in this app.

Group Meditation

Users now can join any active meditation group, they can make new friends, they can follow them and see their daily meditation statistics and many more.  Users can send friend requests to the group members and make new friends so they can meditate and interact with each other.

Manage Friends (Invite, Follow, Profile)

Users can make some new friends by inviting or following them from the app itself. Once they follow each other, they can see each other's daily and weekly meditation statistics from the app. Users can see other user's basic information and contact details from his profile. There is a profile photo available for identification.


Users can see their daily and weekly statistics information regarding meditation. Users can follow up on their life goals by analyzing the statistics based on daily and weekly analysis. Users can compare and track their friend's statistics as well via the app.

Multi-Language Support (English, Swedish)

This application is supported in two different languages. English and Swedish languages are available on the go. Only a single tap needed to change the language and app will be converted to a completely different language so that users can understand and use the app easily with their own preferred language.

Personal Meditation Reminder and Schedule

Users can schedule daily or weekly meditation reminders, chose the date range and reminder frequencies for local reminders. Once it's scheduled, this app will start reminding you for the meditation, and in case if set then meditation will automatically start playing on your scheduled time.

In-App Purchase

In the app users will find five meditations for free in Basic app version. Users have to purchase the premium version (subscription) in order to access other different kinds of 35 and more meditations and app features. Users can purchase a different subscription plan via in-app purchases.

Admin Portal

Group Statistics

Find out how your meditation group is doing and their performance overtime. This feature can be used by admins, trainers and teachers to improve the classes they offer.

Meditations List

Admins can add or remove and create a list of meditations that will be offered to the end user. The list of meditations can be provided to the end user for a custom program or as per the user's skills and needs.

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