key features

  • PayPal Integration
  • Credit Card Payment Gateway Integration
  • Unique Characters
  • Advanced Photo Editor
  • All Platforms


Online photo editor came with the requirement of developing a website for turn your photo into a memorable keepsake in a few easy-to-follow steps on our Web site. Take a photo, we highly recommend taking the photo in LANDSCAPE mode. It will result in a higher quality photo.

  • Step 1 – Upload Your Photo
  • Step 2 – Select Your Stickers
  • Step 3 – Download and enjoy

For online photo editor, the objective of the project is clear. The client wants to build a best online website which aware their customer and clients about their business over the internet.

During Christmas or any festival the traffic on the website is increased to 2000 Users/sec.


We had created online photo editor website by using Codeignator and for database storage, we have used MySql. To customize photo online we have been used third party library. For payment integration, we used Authorized .net tool for payment.
Optimize the website to make the balanced performance.

  • Integrate MailChimp for a subscription.
  • User can view their created photos.
  • Once user logged in, the user does not need to log in every time. We managed it using a cookie.
  • Integrate promo code functionality to get offer discount to users.

To Handle heavy traffic during the festival we managed load balancer and Relational database system (RDS).


We have successfully developed online photo editor and over it to the client on the given time period. The client is very much impressed by our quality of work and assigned another big project.

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