key features

  • Play meditation audio
  • Meditation reminders via notification
  • Reminder settings
  • Group meditation
  • English-Spanish & Male-Female categories for mediation
  • Statistics of user’s & group’s meditation


  • Handling audio files
  • Custom calendar
  • Local & Remote notifications
  • Group meditations
  • Dual langauge


We have handled downloading multiple audio files in the local storage using NSURLSession class provided by apple & SQLite database

We have made our own weekday calendar by using UICollectionView class

This application supports local and remote notification with different categories, We handled it by giving unique identification

By utilizing the server we had overcome this challenge

We have utilized our server to get needed (selected language) response & we have localized each word within the app


This application was interesting and challenging. But using apple's latest tools we accomplished the quality and needed a result. And client's valuable smile

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