key features

  • Search property by location.
  • Add event,update and delete.
  • Find event.
  • Add venue user and comedian user.
  • Search event near by and finding by search box.
  • Purchase product.
  • Private messaging system.
  • Follow system like twitter.
  • Calendar with event details.
  • Social feed like Facebook, twitter, Instagram.
  • Log In using Facebook.


Event Planner project came with the requirement of event management, Which is useful for the  buyer and who wants to create an event, update event.Client wants to site that have functionality like create event, update, event, delete event.User can view event and purchase event ticket.There is special requirement is that have four types of user ( Fan, Comedian, Venue , Guest).They have different type of role to manage event.Venue user can manage with special operation  like add event, update event and delete event. Venue user can add comedian, delete comedian.Site has other special functionality that private messaging system.When venue user add comedian in event message(notification) goes to comedian with event details. Site has another special functionality is that event calendar.User can see calendar with a different view. Venue user can see all upcoming events in calendar those he added.There is another feature is that user setting option to user can edit user details own and shown  on user profile.Another user can view other user profile like venue user, comedian user.Fan user can only view venue and comedian user profile like facebook.Other special requirement is that user can search event and display all event list and also display marker in google map.


We have design custom html template as client requirement. This project is about event management.There is gave two options for log In.First User can log In by facebook and another by register to site.There is four types of user which have different role.Initially fan user register after he can add venue and comedian user.After added venue user he can manage event, add social feed, merchandise, media (photos and videos).In event venue user can add event, update events and delete event.In event user can add comedian user in event.In event when venue user add event he can add multiple tickets of events with price.There are ticket booking system available for register and guest users.Venue user can add multiple comedian user in event and add in edit mode.


  • Only venue user can add events and add multiple tickets as he wants.
  • There is just like dashboard for venue user and manage like admin.
  • There is showing two types of events Live and Past events.
  • Live event is upcoming event which showing in live event.
  • View list of event in home page also.
  • In event when venue user add event goes message to comedian with offer.

Event Dashboard

  • Only venue user can view dashboard.
  • In dashboard user can show Gross sale of events , Total tickets sold in spline charts and Total check Ins and total Checked Ins in progress charts.
  • In Sales venue user can make payment with cash and card.
  • In Check Ins venue user can Check in user to event.
  • In order user can see order details.
  • In setting user can on/off Collect Attendee Information And set payment method.


  • Venue , comedian user can add own social feed.
  • Feed only see by own user and fan user.
  • In feed venue/comedian user can add facebook, twitter and instagram feed.


  • In merchandise module only venue user can add product and other user can only view and purchase.
  • Venue user can add , edit category.
  • Venue user can add , edit product with category.


  • In media venue and comedian user can add/edit photos and videos.
  • Other user can only view media section and view photos and videos.

Upcoming events

  • In upcoming events all user can show upcoming events.
  • Comedian user can show events which he added to events.
  • Venue user can show own events.


  • We have created private messaging system user to user.
  • In message user can send message whom to requested and user accepted request.
  • In flow user have to send request to chat with other user before send messages.
  • Create search functionality for message for send request.
  • There are four tab (message, offers, Unread, Read and archive).
  • User can get offers and text message.
  • User can add messages to archive and delete messages like gmail.


We have successfully developed online event management services and over it to the client on the given time period. User can find all the event over here by using Location, Near by, Miles and Map. Client is very much impressed by our quality of work.

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