The Dos and Don’ts of Web Application Development
How to get Web Application development done right in 2020

The Dos and Don’ts of Web Application Development

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Web application development is a very complex process. It is the one of the fastest growing areas in the IT services & offshoring industry and companies offering cookie cutter or custom solutions are available with a simple search. Still due to the easy accessibility and so many options of web development companies available, it requires some ground rules to manage expectations, deliverables and the overall usability of the application.

We propose anyone looking to develop a web application start with these steps and pointers. Here are the key pointers you must communicate in no uncertain terms.

The Do’s.


Initial Communication: This initial communication is of paramount importance as this will set the tone for the professional relationship between you and the development company.

Budget: First and foremost, figure out your budget and clearly communicate it to all parties concerned. You should ideally have some buffer in your budget for any bugs, enhancements or changes that may be needed later but have a strict amount in mind when you are starting any project. We at IT Path Solutions offer many custom solutions that can offer enhanced usability with custom features at reduced costs in comparison to our competitors.

Functionality: You must have a clear idea about the overall functionality and the key features of your web application. This will allow you to decide on the final application, its use and its overall UI/UX experience.

Delivery Duration: You must have a clear timeline on when the web application will be developed. Setting this expectation beforehand allows you to speed up your process and get through various modules of development quickly as everyone is working under the same deadline and priorities.


The Don’ts:


Have an Unrealistic Budget: You want a web application that will change the world but the budget is not there! This is a common dilemma in the web development world but having realistic expectations and realistic budget can help you get what you need faster. Otherwise you will just end up burning your hands on cheap but ineffective developers who will not deliver anywhere near your expectations.

Not Checking out Previous Work: Many companies are just starting out and they may be good but there is no way to tell. Conversely, many experienced companies are way past their selling date and have no capabilities or manpower capable of taking on modern development needs. The best thing to do is to ask for portfolio that will allow you to see what kind of final product you can expect from them when it comes to your application. Check out It Path Solutions’ portfolio.

Too Many Changes: While both sides expect and prepare for some changes as that is the standard way of designing a perfect product, suggesting too many changes leaves your developers feeling underappreciated and most likely you will end up with an application that significantly differs from what you initially expected.


Key Pointers to Get Your Project Delivered Successfully


Standard Point of Communication

Whether you are working with a startup or an established brand, having one direct point of communication is important. Especially if time zones are different, then if you can hire companies or businesses that provide 24X7 service, it would be for the best. Even if it means compromising a bit on the budget, you should be clear about what you want and what your priority is. If communicating regularly is not on your priority, then email communication also works.

Trust Your Developers

Having a little extra budget is a much better option than to hire someone with a low budget and having different visions & expectations during the entire development of your project. Any project that you undertake must be a pleasant experience for you as well as the developers, because that way you can ensure the best quality and better results in the long term. And to generate better revenue in the long term, you must not compromise on budget now.

Planning and Research

There are plenty of websites/apps in the market today that offer the same functionality and fulfill the same requirements. Analyze on how your website or application is different, and even if it is not entirely different and you aim to market and rip the benefits of an already large customer base, see how your website or app adds value to their routine/business as compared to the competition. Planning in this way makes sure your website/app reaches to it’s right users which also helps in marketing.


There are so many different technologies in the market today to build a website or application, that it almost becomes overwhelming which technology to choose. And in this era of marketing, instead of going with the flow, you should make sure that the technology you choose is compatible with your requirements. Even when you go with the flow, make sure that it exactly fits with what you want. If you are non-technical person, make sure to discuss this with your developers at IT Path Solutions.

Posted on August 28, 2020 by Nishant Shah
Nishant Shah