Introduction To Contact Form 7 to Any API Plugin by IT Path Solutions

Introduction To Contact Form 7 to Any API Plugin by IT Path Solutions

contact form to any API plugin

Contact form 7 is a widely used plugin for setting up contact forms in WordPress sites. It provides AJAX powered submissions, captcha and Akismet spam filters. It has more than 5 Million+ downloads so far and is considered as the go to option for many WordPress developers looking to install a contact form during their custom WordPress development process.


We have developed a plugin that can let you connect Contact Form 7 to any API with a few simple steps. Let’s discuss this plugin in detail.


How Contact Form to Any API Plugin Works


Contact form 7 to Any API is the most powerful plugin to send cf7 data to any third-party services. It can be used to send data to CRM or any REST API. with Easy to use and User-friendly settings setting up this plugin and using it on your website is a breeze.

You can edit the API as and when needed



What are the Main Features of the Contact Form to Any API


Send CF7 Leads to Remote API’s such as CRM and other API using POST/GET

This allows you to connect CRMs and get leads directly and instantly. This helps with the turnaround time for your leads and helps you stay a step ahead of the competition.


Create unlimited connection with any API

You can pick and choose and even connect with multiple APIs if needed.


Send data to multiple API

Data can be sent to multiple APIs if needed.


Supports JSON You can use the JSON functionality to send the data on a web page or a web application if needed.


Supports Basic Auth

We provide support for basic authentication if you want to set it up.


Supports Bearer Auth

We provide support for bearer authentication if you want to set it up.


Logs Management

You need not worry about saving logs manually, We provide an extensive logs management system for storage and access of logs.



contact form to any API plugin

The Logs Management system in our plugin



How To Set Up Your Own Header Request Parameter

Here are the steps to set up your own header request parameter.

Authorization: MY_API_KEY

Authorization : Bearer xxxxxxx

Authorization : Basic xxxxxx

Content-Type: application/json

NOTE : Basic & Bearer Authentication can be set from Header Request Parameter input.


You can edit the API as and when needed


Installation process

  1. Upload contact-form-to-any-api to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. You will find CF7 to Any API in your WordPress admin screen.


What Do the Users Say


This plugin allows us to connect Contact Form 7 with Mailbluster. We received great and outstanding support to get this done. Clearly recommended and looking forward to additional features coming up.



This was the only plugin I’ve found that is able to connect CF7 with SageCRM. Thanks so much. This was so much easier than coding the integration custom.




Can I Customize this Plugin?

Absolutely. Please Connect with us on

How many connections can I add?

Unlimited. There is no upper limit to the connections you can set up.

Is this available in other languages?

We can help you with language translation. Do contact us on

Posted on November 21, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel