Offshore Software Development: A Comprehensive Guide

Offshore Software Development: A Comprehensive Guide

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Offshoring software development for many reasons, is a preferred choice of those looking for software development. When you offshore, you free yourself from the complex proceedings of hiring employees, training them, gathering resources, and the like. Offshore development decreases the software development and delivery time while increasing the quality of the product. Through this article, we’ll be assessing offshore software development from every single aspect.


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What Is Offshore Development?/Offshore Software Development Meaning

Offshore software development is a practice in which a business outsources its software development task to a partner in a region that’s different, or in a different timezone than its headquarters. Examples would be when a company in South America works with an offshore software development company in Western Europe or a company in Ukraine, works with an offshore development team in the United States.
Let’s take another example:-
Imagine a technology startup based in Australia that wants to develop a new mobile application but lacks the in-house resources and expertise. Instead of hiring local developers, the startup decides to engage in offshore software development. They partner with a reputable software development company located in India. The Indian team works remotely on the project, collaborating with the Australian startup’s management and technical leads through online communication tools.


Offshore development can be followed to perform a variety of tasks ranging from coding to software design and development, web development, mobile app development, and support and maintenance. Offshoring is an excellent choice for projects that need specific expertise and next-level deliverables that are difficult to get in the local region.

Difference Between Offshore Development and Outsourcing?

Difference Between Offshore Development and Outsourcing

Often used interchangeably, however, there is a difference between offshore development and outsourcing. Yes, when it comes to outsourcing it is generally an ideal approach, specifically for short-term projects in which you may need to develop an app with no need for frequent iterations and delivery.

Offshore, on the other hand, is an approach where you get in touch with developers for long-term and complex projects. An ideal offshore software development company can handle processes relating to recruitment and assessment of the team. Besides, it’s about seeking the talents you can’t have in your local region.

What Does an Offshore Software Developer Do?

Offshore developers are accountable to bring a complete amalgamation of soft as well as technical expertise and excellence to handle software development projects. It involves design, development, implementation, support and maintenance, and the like. These developers might seem to be working remotely being a part of a wide offshore software development team.


Offshore developers work together and bring forth fresh ideas and perspectives along with a comprehensive set of skills and excellence, offering an innovative approach to the project. This is because they are from different countries and regions that bring a variety of innovation and creativity, resulting in the next level of product development.

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

When it comes to the benefits of offshore development, it’s wide. Yes, right from the convenience of not hiring and training employees to being free from arranging resources and reduced development costs, offshoring your project has numerous benefits. Look at the following:

Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Access to A Wider Tech Talent

Tech talent happens to be one of the most significant and scarce resources in IT. Your project’s success depends on the experience and excellence of your developers. Finding dexterous tech talents is a tough nut to crack, however, outsourcing is the option through which you can get in touch with world’s top talents.

Industry Expertise

There are offshore software development developers having years of experience and expertise in their domain. When you have that great level of tech talent working in your team, it quadruples the chances of the project to be exceptional.

High-Quality Products​

As we’ve mentioned above, when you offshore your project, you embrace experts with next-level expertise and excellence. So, don’t you think when you have that level of talent working on your project, the outcome will be amazing? Indeed it is! Outsourcing gives you the freedom to choose experts according to your needs, hence an optimized percentage of high-quality products.

Streamlined Time-to-Market

Offshoring gives you limitless choices, hence, you can speed up your project as you wish by employing as many hands as you need to work on your project. With a dedicated development team for different projects, you can be sure that you’ll have a fast time to market with no inconvenience and sacrifice in the quality of the product.

Saves Time For Core Activities

Offshore software development services free you from being unnecessarily involved in multiple projects, freeing you to save time to spend on other core business activities. Yes, when there are experts working on your projects, and managing complex and time-consuming procedures, you can be stress-free, spending your precious time on other activities.

Less Development Cost

It’s not only tiring and challenging but also time-consuming and costly to maintain an in-house IT team and infrastructure. Offshore software development enables you to embrace a cost-effective choice to build software. By offshoring, you don’t need to invest in these all, cutting down an immense amount of software development costs.

Mitigated Risks​

Last but not least! The best and most skilled offshore software development team reduces the risk relating to your project to a great extent. Yes, as they have experience working on different projects for a long time, they employ best practices to maximize flexibility and minimize downtime.

When to Hire an Offshore Software Development Team?

There are a variety of circumstances when you need an offshore development company to work on your software development project. Following are the conditions when one may need to hire offshore developers:

Lack of Tech Talent

As it’s tough to find quality tech talents, at times, you may not be able to find them in your local region. By getting in touch with an offshore development company, you can bridge the gap between the lack of the tech talents and top talented developers. It’s a great alternative for businesses lacking and seeking experts.

Specialized Tasks

There comes a time when you need to fill a temporary position or may need a super-specialized technical hand to work on specific projects. Be it project manager, QAs, or an enterprise custom software development team, you can get it done with offshore software development.

Complex Projects

Completing complex projects needs a great extent of know-how and you may lack it. Lack of that can diminish the chances of your product’s quality. In those circumstances, businesses can leverage offshore software development services to find dexterous techies and get the work done with ease and convenience.

Support & Consulting

At times, you may not need to offshore your project, but merely support and consulting to assist your in-house team. There are offshore software development teams that can provide you with support and consulting services to your in-house team, allowing them to get additional expertise and know-how to deal with complexities.

Strict Deadlines

Meeting the deadline is something that makes you reliable and reputable amongst this harsh competition, setting you apart from the rest. There comes a time when you have tight deadlines and you may not have appropriate hands to get the project done. That time, offshore developers can help you to have efficient resources to meet the deadlines.


When you choose an offshore software development company, you also make a decision to cut down the software development cost. Yes, rather than hiring, training employees, spending on infrastructure, and the like you can simply choose to offshore your project and reduce the development cost.


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How to Hire an Offshore Development Company 

Now that you know the benefits and time when to hire offshore developers, follow the following steps to know how to do so..

How to hire the best offshore software developers


Experience matters the most when it comes to choosing an offshore development company. Measure the experience level of an offshore developer before you hire them. You must look at the quality of the work such as the quality of the software design, development and project architecture of a particular developer. Careful consideration of previous work and achievement is essential.

Tech Expertise

Technology that a developer is expert in is something to be taken in a serious note. You can go with someone who has expertise in multiple technologies, however, considering one having hands-on expertise in a specific one which you need should be considerable. So we recommend partnering with someone who is expert in the technology that you want your project to be built in.


Consider partnering with an offshore development company that’s flexible in terms of team size and allocation. Choose to start with a sprint and deliverable model instead of going with a contract for the entire project. This is because when you work with a project-based process you don’t have to be worried about the long-term relationship and you can be free to move up the requirements as per your project.

Time and process

Software development is sometimes a complex process, but you need that software to win the market. Hence, you need to have complete information about the timeline of your project completion. So, it’s obvious that you want to be engaged with an offshore developer that can ensure the timely delivery without compromising on the quality of the product.

Legal Aspects

We advise you to be aware and look into the legal aspects of a service provider. You should make sure that you own the IP rights. This is because if you ever want to take your project to another organization, you can do it with convenience. The code must get transferred to you once it’s developed.

Development Cost

Last but not least! It’s essential to find an offshore development company that quotes an appropriate amount of money for your project development. So make sure you look into the cost of the service. Avoid partnering with the one only for the low cost—as it may cost the quality of your project. So choose wisely.

Cost of Offshore Development Services 

Various factors can differentiate the cost of your software development. Some of them include the region, experience and experience, tech stack, and the company you choose to work with. The table below shows you an average cost of offshore development company in the worldwide:


Sr. No. Region Average Hourly Rates
1 North America 70-150
2 Latin America 40-80
3 Western Europe 60-180
4 Eastern Europe 30-50
5 Asia 20-45


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Whether you have a tight budget, strict deadlines, or you need experts to work on your project, offshore software development can be an excellent choice. It not only takes burdensome tasks off your shoulders and keeps you free but ensures a team of dexterous professionals working on your project for a timely and quality product delivery.


We discussed every single point and tried to let you know all the details relating to offshore development. If you need to offshore your project get in touch with the best offshore development company to get your project done!

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