Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Mobile Application Development Trends In 2020

Mobile app development

The constantly growing applications of technologies have taken the digital world with a storm. IT Path Solutions endeavors to come forth with the list of services that are in sync with the latest trends in the year 2020. The word “Trend” refers to the latest existing technologies that have changed the face of science forever and, more importantly, made things simpler and easier for us to deal with.

The technology has already climbed a great height and it will continue doing that for the years that are yet to come. And our team looks forward to contributing to the phenomenal growth of science. Groundbreaking ideas are implemented and brought to life by tech geeks all across the world. The exploration in the field of Mobile App development has inspired us to get an inkling of the latest mobile application trends and make use of their beneficial applications.

Here Are Some Of The Sectors That Are In Trend Lately:

1.  Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Gearing Up

It is outstanding the way AI and Ml are taking over the mobile applications and generating the most precise outcomes that can be blindly trusted. We have given substantial attention to the sectors of AI and ML to enhance our abilities to come up with projects that are entirely based on them.

The demand for mobile applications that are equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing and we are putting our best effort to keep the pace up with the progression.

2. Dependable Gears For Wearable Technology

Various wearable devices are being produced every day to enhance the user experience and give a realistic touch to the digital world. We have dealt with many apps that included the support of wearable devices and our inquisitiveness to know more about it assures you that you can expect the kind of wearable technology integration in our apps that gets only better!

3. Embedding Internet of Things – IoT

The constant growth on the ground of IoT will continue to make important evolution as it passes from one stage to another. With the help of IoT app development, our teams have overcome a great number of challenges and taken the abilities of IT Path and its services to advanced levels.

The sectors of IoT are undoubtedly likely to witness the most extraordinary advancements. A wide range of applications will be introduced to the industries that are going to be ready for serving. We will be putting these services into practice and providing you with technology-driven solutions.

According to Statista, IoT number of connected devices worldwide is forecast to grow to almost 30.73 billion in 2020.

4. Enhanced ChatBots For Assistance

We build chatbots that provide precise information in return for your inquiry. Our Mobile App development teams have great visions and schemes to improve the automated chatbots that are at your service. The results that have been observed after having your app equipped with a chatbot will make your users appreciate the quality of the mobile application.

Therefore, these are going to be some of the most talked of and implemented trends for mobile application development throughout the year.

5. Superior UI/UX At Your Fingertips

The processes of beautifying the user experience have always been of great interest to us at ITPath. We look forward to giving our best in improving the quality of user experience. It’d be of great satisfaction to us when we supply our products that are well thought of.

Lastly, we are expecting the technological trends to attain higher altitudes. IT Path Solutions earnestly looks forward to contributing to the growth of technology and bringing in newer advancements. We look forward to being a part of the world that is digitally reliable.

6. Stepping Up With 5G Wireless Technologies

Almost everyone is looking forward to being benefitted by the amazing technology of 5G wireless data transmission. Once it surfaces on lower ground and is available amongst the people to use, it has the potentiality to change the face of networking. It can make the execution of Mobile App development and its application to boost up to 100 times faster than the existing speed of 4G.

Various sectors such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality will run multiple times more smoothly once the 5G wireless technology takes over the one that currently exists.

7. Apps With Enabled Beacon Technology

Beacon technology is said to be enhancing marketing and shopping methods. It is put in action by a technology called Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and exchanges signals between mobile apps and beacon devices set in the stores. Customers can receive notifications that contain the details, specifications, cost, and other characteristics of the products.

Not only shopping, but the Beacon technology is going to be trending in various sectors including:

  • Ecommerce

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare departments

  • Traveling

  • Tour services, etc.

8. Improved Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR/VR can expect a guaranteed touch of smoothness and clarity. Since the user experience and interaction is shifting towards a more realistic approach that is provided by Augmented Reality App Development and Virtual Reality, it is going to be trending throughout the year.

A significant improvement will be noticed in the sectors that include the usage of AR/VR technologies for Mobile App development.

9. Cloud-Integrated Applications For Your Mobile

A cloud-integrated application needs not to be installed in the memory of a phone device. The mobile application can be simply built and stored on the cloud. The users can run the application by connecting to the internet.

The apps of smaller sizes have a great future in the meadow of Cloud.

10. The Precision Of Predictive Analytics

The future events can be predicted by studying the patterns of currently occurring events the data that is already present. It can be of great importance when it comes to modeling an application. It is also of enormous help in the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Predictive analysis can result in improved user experience that can predict the behavior of a user and make the app function accordingly. It can enhance the way a user connects with the application that is based on predictive analytics.

Lastly, we are expecting the technological trends to attain higher altitudes. IT Path Solutions earnestly looks forward to contributing to the growth of technology and bringing in newer advancements. We look forward to being a part of the world that is digitally.


Posted on March 19, 2020 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel