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Let’s Define Innovative Tourism & Hospitality Solutions

The travel/tourism app should support all bookings about the tour. Say for instance it should implement the reservation of a resort or hotel, supper, lunch, etc. The app should give admittance to all the various aspects of a journey and holiday.
The tourism apps have the characteristic to indicate the locations which are frequently searched by users. This can be taken as interest, by recommending the best opportunities and locations to visit the prospective user of the app.

Solutions for Tourism & Hospitality

Tour Planner

Organizing your trip with mates and not yet settled where you should go? Don’t worry, we will help you choose the perfect travel location and then help you plan your tour.
You can use filters to customize events based on the number of days of the trip, your current location, and the most desirable time to visit, recommended and offbeat locations and countries where you want to travel.
Explore vacation plans and plan the complete summer vacation holiday with your family. Find wonderful honeymoon destinations, adventure hubs, fascinating beaches, hill stations, deserts, wildlife parks, tiger sanctuaries, caves and more on the app.

  • Details of the locales
  • Ticket Booking
  • Live tracking
  • Digital wallet
  • Social travelling
  • Weather Forecasting
  • Travel Itinerary Generator
  • In-App Language Translator
  • Currency Converter
  • World Clock Time Converter
  • Integrated Social Feed/ Messaging Service
  • Trip Reviews from Other Travellers
  • Location-Based Emergency Services
  • Share with your friends on social media

Tourism Blogging

If you’re a tour blogger or aspire to be one, you can give your travel story with the world by joining our platform. You can even distribute pictures of your trip by our photo blogs. For every blog assigned, you’ll receive credits to buy hotels and vacations from our platform.
Get detailed information about places around the globe, read programs and articles written by real travellers, and explore travel gurus. Find and filter places by your interest, region, season and resources. With travel guide apps, you can explore popular as well as reserved destinations around the world.

  • Explore travel guides
  • Get information on places to see & things to do for any location
  • Start blogging about your travelling to share your travel story with others
  • Earn credits for your blog, photos & videos
  • Discover top hotels & tour packages
  • Redeem credits on tour package bookings
  • You can use the trip planning features like route map, itinerary planner & explore nearby places

With the rise of voice integrated products, the course of voice recognition developed. It became one of the most debated topics during the latest years. And it also enhanced a global course in travel and tourism.
Voice recognition makes it potential for humans to communicate with computers through voice recognition software. One of its most prominent advantages is the likelihood to use voice as an input tool.
This makes the use of a keyboard, mouse or touch screen unnecessary and enables hands- and eyes-free intercommunications.
• Narrating the schedules out loud.
• High quality and multi-lingual interactions with voice recognition
• Hyper-Personalization
• Information Provision
• Getting the online marketing right with voice recognition
• Driving digital transformation with voice recognition

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IoT is still in its origin and is anticipated to transform the travel industry. From allowing automatic check-ins and check-outs to hotel rooms and encouraging tourists to locate their travel destination to controlling the production of airline engines, IoT will make everything easier.
It is not only supporting the travel businesses and tourism companies to improve their customer service and improve their revenues but also empowering them to take measures for client retention.
Internet of Things will assist in collecting huge masses of data, but working to understand all that knowledge requires financing in the right technology and people to draw actionable results.
• Adjust room temperature, control TV, elevators, and heaters
• Turn lighting on and off
• In-room gadgets
• Schedule wake up calls
• Real-time notifications on the flights status
• Sensors embedded in the seats inside the aircraft to measure the anxiety level, heart rate, body temperature, hydration level, etc.
• The tourists will undoubtedly be able to locate themselves and find information on everything they need about the journey

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Over modern times, augmented reality has grown increasingly familiar within the tourism industry. This is essential because it lets hotels and other businesses working in this field to improve the physical circumstances they are trying to support customers to visit, including local scenes and hotel rooms.
• Interactive Hotel Elements
• Augmented Tourist Destinations
• Beacon Technology and Push Notifications
• Augmented Reality Gamification
• Augmented Reality Trimming Down Language Differences
• AR Apps that ensure that none of the travellers have lost their tracks
• Recuperating Travel Conveniences with AR Mobile Apps
• The AR/VR support for Tours and accommodation
• Innovative Ways to Detect Hotels through AR

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The use of wearable technology answers within the tourism industry is increasing, and this marks a notable development in supporting personalization.
Though the tourism departments have been renowned for offering a tailored and personalized experience to guests, it’s generally been a little more challenging for smaller firms to offer this level of personalization.
But now we have available options which enable us to obtain data about the passengers’ personal preferences, such as dietary restrictions, and restaurant preferences. It means that tourism industries must be able to bring a holiday plan to be compatible suit individual travel styles.
• Find your smart phone
• Track your location
• Set your own travel routes
• Counting destination is easy
• Integrate geolocation
• Push notification system & reminders
• Multi-device synchronization

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Online chat bots have now shown their advantages when it comes to drawing in business and giving customer support. Both of these are factors that the tourism industry massively relies on.
Travel companies, hotel booking services, and different businesses built around travel and tourism need to keep evaluating their contributions to make sure that they draw and retain enough clients. By travel chat bots addition, they can do that and much more.
• Tracks your destination and schedules
• Effortlessly tracks your journeys
• Makes the journey more comfortable
• Creates personalized time tables
• Tour bots help tourism services stay connected to their customers
• Sets up a journey you desire and makes the arrangement on your behalf
• Answering the tourism related question

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