How To Create A Feature Rich Car Pooling App in 2023

How To Create A Feature Rich Car Pooling App in 2023

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Custom Car Pooling App Development

The Carpooling market that started with ride-hailing apps such as Uber has reached a new high. From insane valuations to a silent revolution in transportation, such apps hold a large promise. One of the new concepts gaining ground is Carpooling apps. Users can join other users who are in a car or any other vehicle who is going to be on a common route.

Currently the car pooling market is growing and exploding with brand new startups. In this digital era, ride-sharing and carpooling are both growing as transportation options. The global ridesharing market is growing extremely fast. Uber, Lyft, and DiDi, get billions in revenue and In Europe, BlaBlaCar has covered 400 cities and 1.5 million users, the ridesharing app business has grown more than 50% between 2020 and 2021 and increased its value to around $117B in 2021.

What is Car Pooling?

Car pooling is the process of sharing car journeys so that more than one person can travel in a car. About 40% of car trips in the USA are car pooled. Most people carpool with their friends and family members. Many governments encourage carpooling as an environmental measure, to save resources related to fuel and to lower traffic congestion on roads. Many cities have dedicated carpooling stops and pickup places to encourage carpooling. The US government promotes car pooling by providing dedicated carpool lanes for a faster ride.

With today’s smartphones becoming ubiquitous, we can now promote carpooling with apps. Users can use the app to verify both car pool drivers and passengers and book trips as per their needs and route preference.

Let’s discuss how this app would be like and its main features and technological stack.

Main Features of Car Pooling App Development

For End Users


Users can easily log in with their social networks or email accounts credentials. The registration process should be simple and straightforward.

Search Ride:

Using this feature, users can easily search the rides for reaching required destinations, they can find other users as well history on their dashboard, and the common routes for both drivers and passengers.

Custom Car Pooling App Development
You can search for the right rides as per your need

Real-time tracking:

This feature will offer live tracking functionality, users can see the duration of their ride, track their drivers as well track their carpooling history.

Cancel Bookings:

users can cancel rides for both passengers and drivers if any unforeseen circumstances occur and the ride needs to be canceled.

Weather Report:

Real-time weather reports can come in handy to plan a trip and avoid adverse weather such as rains.


Both passengers and drivers can track each other in real-time for pickup and drop and coordinate the carpooling accordingly.

Profile Verification:

Security will be a key feature of our proposed carpooling app. The app entrepreneur should set up a profile verification process and KYC process to make sure that only legitimate users with good personal backgrounds are availing the carpooling services.

Emergency Alert:

In case something should happen, both passengers and drivers can alert their contacts and local authorities instantly with their real-time location for any emergency with one click in the app.

Car Breakdown Feature:

In the event of a car breakdown, the users can avail nearby car repair services from the app or be able to see and contact other carpoolers nearby who can help.

Accept/Reject Pooling Request:

Both drivers and passengers can send and receive pooling requests and both sides can reject or accept such requests.

Trip Information:

This feature allows driver to analyze trip information on their dashboards, such as the drop-off destination, user, and co-traveler pick-up location along with estimated distance.

Contact Users:

Using call/chat functionality, drivers and passengers can contact each other from the app.

Driving Alert:

Using these advanced features, drivers can receive driving-related alerts such as fuel level, speed, more, etc. if they have connected their car with the app.



Feature of Car Pooling App Development For Admin Panel

Admin Panel

User Management:

With this feature, the admin can add users to their car-sharing app, and the rides taken by them on a daily basis are managed and monitored by the admin.

View and Manage Allocated rides:

Using this feature, the admin can view and manage all the scheduled rides booked by the user and drivers.

Driving Alerts:

With this feature, admins can receive real-time driving alerts and solve any hassles faced by the driver or passenger in real-time.

Push Notifications:

Admins can send push notifications to the users for any updates, notifications, or anything else.



The approximate technology stack of a car pooling app:

  • Kotlin for Android App
  • Swift for ios app
  • Node.js for back-end
  • Cloud environment: AWS
  • Online Payments: Paypal, & Braintree.
  • Elastic email, email notifications
  • Socket io for real-time notification
  • Database: MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, Postgres, MailChimp Integration
  • Google Maps
  • Google Places
  • Google Directions
  • APNS
  • Firebase
  • Facebook SDK for Facebook login



Tech Stack and Team

The following team may be needed for car pooling app development:

  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Android/ios developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • DevOps



Final Thought

Car pooling apps are both a financial opportunity and an environmental opportunity. App entrepreneurs can utilize these apps for branding or to earn revenue through auxiliary offerings and advertising. If you have a car pooling app idea in mind, do drop us a line below to get in touch with our app experts for a free NDA-backed consultation.

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel