Create A Feature Rich Grocery App Like Wegmans in 2022

Create A Feature Rich Grocery App Like Wegmans in 2022


Wegmans is a large supermarket chain serving the Northern United States. With its Wegmans grocery app, customers can get their delivery of groceries right on their doorsteps within a few hours. Due to its higher quality of produce and focus on employee happiness, Wegmans has a loyal fanbase that prefer to shop only at Wegmans and not at any other store.

As such it makes sense for Wegmans to help its loyal customer base shop online at Wegmans to cut into online shopping competition and to provide the Wegmans brand to its current and newer userbase.

An Introduction to Shopping & Grocery Apps Development

Shopping apps or grocery app development is to develop your own grocery app from which customers can order items such as fresh produce, meat and staple foods and other items of regular or short term use. Many grocery apps provide a large range of other items such as clothing, footwear and electronics to go alongwith grocery items such as vegetables, food and FMCG items.

Simply put, users will open the app, add the needed items into a cart and press order. They can either pay at the time of delivery or at the checkout. Grocery apps provide one major benefit that is convenience to end users and lower infrastructure costs to the sellers.

Grocery apps need to be enabled by a strong backend and offline infrastructure such as delivery systems and warehouses. But more than anything you need a well-built app that can attract and sustain a user base.

Let’s discuss the necessary features to build an successful Grocery delivery app like Wegmans.


grocery apps development
Grocery apps need to be feature rich


Main Features for a Wegmans  Like App

For Delivery Partners

Easy Registration

With this sign up feature,  the delivery person can easily register for the grocery app, the delivery person can be verified by your business or by vendors, this makes your service more safer and secure, and you can track every order with the user ID.

Order Management

Using this important feature, delivery persons can track and view if any order request is made. Moreover, if delivery person has multiple orders, then they can accept or reject the request accordingly.

Geo location and GPS Tracking

Delivery person can find location of the delivery as well they can find the optimized route and provide the delivery in time.

Delivery Status

Using this feature, the delivery person can update and see the delivery status of the orders such as in progress, delivered, & delay, more. And also customers will able to receive a notification or message about the status update.

Digital Wallet

Using the advanced digital wallet feature, delivery person can receive payment for the orders from customers or grocery stores, The wallet can also be used to offer discounts and loyalty points.

Check Delivery History

The delivery person can check the history and status of his orders.

Customer Side Features

Easy Sign-Up and Login

The sign-up and login process needs to be easy and user-friendly. Using this feature, you can provide users with diverse options to sign-up/login in through email, mobile number, social media, and more.

Quick Search

Users can search for products, sellers and offers using the search feature. They can save time and order what they want easily.

Real Time Order Tracking

With this feature, customer can track real time status of the delivery orders such as progress, delivered, & delay, more. And also customers will able to cancel their delivery orders.

Push Notifications

Push notification feature will help the customers to get constant updates about the app, Using this feature, buyers can get notifications about the discount offers, festive offers, more.

Payment Gateway

Online payment is an important feature, To make it easy for the user to pay online, customers can integrate their grocery app with multiple payment options which include payment through credit cards, payment via debit card, PayPal or Stripe, or even cash on delivery option.

Add to Cart Option

This is one of the most important features a grocery ordering or any shopping app must have. With this important features, customer can select all their items from all different places, they want, add these item to cart, and place the order all at once.

Schedule Order

Groceries are important items of our lifestyle. People want these fresh. But, sometimes customers get stuck in some work and just forget to place orders. Using this feature, users can schedule theirs grocery items delivered at the perfect time. These vital feature that can make your customers love and trust your app even more.

Voice Search:

Voice search is a growing trend in e-commerce, customer can search more and more products list using voice command.

Suggested Items

Based on order history, the app can recommend new items or items that are being ordered repeatedly for both up-sell and cross sell.

Admin Features

Registration & Profile Management

The admin panel, similar to the customer panel, admin can easily sign up through email, mobile, and social media, more,  they can update their profile dashboard as well update items, list new products, change price, even create offers for customers and more.

Assigning Order

These feature of grocery store, assigning order which make very critical  of your grocery store. But using this important features, it allow admin to assign orders to different delivery persons as per their availability.


Manage Dashboard feature will help admin manage store easily. With this feature, admin can view all important functionality on the dashboard, such as the order, payment, and deliveries.

Content Management

This feature helps the admin to optimize the content of the customer app, using these vital feature, admin can update and manage grocery store information such as name, address, contact details, working hours, etc  as well admin can add photo and edit product list such as deleting items, changing price.

Handling The Orders

This feature help stores to handle receiving and delivering orders. Using this vital feature, the grocery stores admin can manage the order status  and update customers when their order is going to be  at their doorstep.

Push Notifications

With this feature, admin can send notifications to the customer about the discounts on products and other new & upcoming offers.


With this analytics feature, admin can know how many users have downloaded your app, it helps you track and derive more insights about your business data.


A grocery app like Wegmans can help you expand your grocery business if you have a loyal customer base that needs to order online. Conversely, you can skip the offline store part and go directly build a Grocery app to take orders. It all depends on your business model. Do drop us a line below if you have a grocery app idea.

Posted on December 28, 2021 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel