Why You Should opt for Magento Web Development in 2022

Why You Should opt for Magento Web Development in 2022


E-commerce has taken off in the light of the pandemic. Businesses all over the world across sizes are focusing on offering their products online. A business owner looking to sell online needs a robust and secure platform, the ability to entice customers with discounts, and a wide range of product choices. An e-Commerce platform that provides all these features is required for eCommerce web development.

What Is Magento

Magento is a widely adapted open-source platform for building E-commerce websites. This platform has an extensive range of choices for integration as well website customization. It provides prime features such as scalability and flexibility with wide design options. It provides many robust solutions for the e-commerce industry.

Magento has proven to be one of the most powerful, flexible, and scalable open-source e-commerce platform on the market. Magento provides an extensive array of powerful tools and libraries for creating and managing your online store. Like other frameworks, it has its own benefits for an e-commerce store.

More than 240,00 worldwide brands have put their trust in Magento as their preferred e-Commerce Platform. Magento offers a wide range of tools to attract more prospects, sell more products, and increase user engagement.

Magento offers some significant editions of its core products. And you can opt for a version according to your need. These editions are:

1)Magento Open-source,

2)Magento Enterprise Editions

3)Magento Commerce Cloud.

In this article, let’s discuss some major Magento benefits that will help you decide whether or not this platform is an ideal choice for your e-Commerce business.

The Major Benefits of Magento For Your E-commerce Store

Flexible CMS

When compared with other platforms. Magento is an excellent and superior platform for e-commerce. Magento has a great and effective adaptable CMS for every type of eCommerce store. With Magento, it is easy to build large e-commerce websites.


Magento has huge selections of top-quality extensions. You can Increase any feature of the Magento store at any time by using these extensions. For instance, when you launch a Magento e-commerce website, initially you may not require live chat-bot extensions, they can be added as and when more audience has been tapped into. Magento platforms provide various categories of extensions such as customer support, payments, sales, shipping, analytics as well.

Faster Loading:

One of the vital benefits of Magento is the speed of the website. Magento provides faster website loading & rendering as compared to other platforms. Website speed is a key factor in achieving good CRO and search engine rankings.

SEO Friendly

Every Online business owner wants their online business to rank higher in search engine result pages for higher traffic. Magento Platform provides many functionalities to optimize for SEO. It helps to create SEO-friendly URLs. Magento has a robust advanced feature for SEO that helps to improve the ranking of product pages, SEO Features include optimized URLs, set rich snippets, develop a sitemap, canonizing tags, optimize keywords, add alt tags for images, etc.


Nearly 80 to 90% of online shopping is done on mobiles. As such having a responsive website that can work across mobile devices helps in generating sales and increasing the userbase. Hence you need a dynamic and responsive website that Magento provides.

Easy Third-Party Integration

Using Magento Platform, you can connect your e-commerce platform with eBay, PayPal, google shopping, quick-books and more, it provides the facilities for the owner to add google analytics and other third-party integrations to aid in data analytics.

Hosting Options

Magento allows an e-commerce store to freely opt for any hosting company of their choice. Magento offers the best freedom for every eCommerce business to have its own files and be selective with various hosting companies.

Get Higher Conversions For Sales Team

If you want to drive higher conversions, then Magento is one of the vital choices, Magento has a robust segmentation option, which allows you to target customers based on the history of their actions. It also offers personalized and relevant content for target audience.

Additionally, Magento e-Commerce platforms enable you to set up product recommendations and checkout pages. Hence you can easily recommend related product items for your customers.


If you require an online e-commerce store that’s tailor-made to your online business need, Magento is a platform you seriously need to consider. If you are convinced about the benefit of Magento development for your next project, do drop us a line below to consult our Magento web development experts.

Posted on September 28, 2021 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel