Developing Your Own Mental Wellness App in 2022

Developing Your Own Mental Wellness App in 2022

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Due to high-profile breakdowns and celebs taking breaks to take care of their mental health, mental health is no longer a stigmatized or trivialized aspect of someone’s life. Companies and organizations have now started to take mental health more seriously, especially spurred on by the rapid changes in workplaces brought on by Covid. The cost of unchecked mental health in the US is to the tune of $180 billion in business costs and losses. 

One of the ways any corporation can help their employees is to utilize the connectivity infrastructure and offer employees the facility to use apps that can enhance mental health. This is also an opportunity for aspiring app entrepreneurs to create a mental health app that can be integrated into corporate cultures and practices.

Benefit of Mental Health Care Apps


Gone are days when most of the people had visited to make physical visits to clinics or offices to meet therapists or medical advisors. With the help of mental health apps, patients can now easily search for expert therapists and book appointments as per convenience, and the same way therapists can accept requests as per their schedule.

Reduce stress for employees

Mental health apps that target stress, anxiety, or depression are essential for working professionals. To assist in reducing stress for employees, many companies are turning to mental health apps and contributing to the overall mental health well-being of their employees. It also helps in knowing how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.

Focusing on mental health can lead to improved performance and better work outcomes

Better Tracking of mental health

Using mental health apps, patients can record data and monitor it. Sometimes doctors and psychotherapists give advice to the patients through this such application. Later medical personnel can analyze data and take correct treatment measures.

On-demand mental health app Solutions Ideas:

Female-Centric Wellness App

Females face specific issues that require targeted intervention. They have different societal expectations that might need a different approach than men’s mental health therapies. As such targeting female wellness user base with a dedicated app that can attendant to their unique needs.

Mental health and wellness is taken more seriously these days

Sleep app

These apps are an excellent choice for people who have been facing issues with better sleep & sleep quality. Sleep apps assist in reducing your stress and anxiety so that you can finally rest and wake-up feeling refreshed. Sleep apps offer trending relaxing music and audio features that provide a peaceful sleep environment.

Virtual therapy app

With virtual therapy apps, treatment or therapy consultation is accessible to everyone. Patients can discuss their health-related issues with therapists from the comfort of their homes. The on-demand virtual therapy app allows patients to communicate directly with health experts through messaging or video-call features. Moreover, health professionals can connect with other health specialists and reach more customers through this app. 

Emotional wellness apps

Emotional wellness apps can offer relaxing exercises, yoga, and music to keep users with their emotional well-being. They allow users to track their emotional well-being and through keeping scores providing tips and tricks for improvement and correct stress triggers. 

Meditation and mindfulness app

Meditation and mindfulness apps have been growing in popularity across the world after this pandemic.

Gone are days when people had to stay at home and look for new ways to overcome stress and anxiety.

These apps help people to reduce their stress, remove negativity, and understand their feelings better from anywhere where they could find a few moments of peace. 

Now that these are the broad ideas on which the apps can be based, tLet’s discuss features for mental health app development

Top Features of Mental health App

Calendars and Checklist

Under this section, users will feel inspired to do a little more the next day and the day after, continuing the process to improve their mental health with fixed and consistent schedules for meditation, therapies, and other interventions.

Sleep Tracker

This feature allows users to track their sleep and help them manage and improve their sleep cycles and deep sleep durations. This feature can also be connected with smartwatches for better tracking of body vitals. 

Set Reminders

For exercises, medications, meditation, or other activities, the app can provide regular and timely reminders to the end-user. 


Users can connect with other users, therapists, and professionals to chat or to discuss any issues with instant chats and support groups.

Audio & Video Calling

When developing any mental-health app or healthcare app, audio and video calls features are extremely vital for both patients and doctors. Audio and video calls provide a relevant context for the patients to talk to therapists or consult experts through the app. 

Sharing Data

This feature allows users to share their moods with family, and friends or on social media or care providers, as well users can export data or send by email and other formats.


Using this dashboard feature, providers can manage and check patients’ progress. Our expert Android & iOS app developers can create a unique interface for deep data analytics and easy access to all major app features.

App Monetization

There are various monetization options for such mobile apps. You can generate revenue from strategies such as:

Paid downloads: Mental health apps can be made available for an upfront fee.

In-app purchases: Most of the apps have an in-app purchases feature. It includes premium features that can be bought for a fee.

Subscription: One can access the full content of a given app with a subscription model. They can be either at a monthly or yearly subscription.

In-app advertising: Ads are a great platform to generate revenue. It can either be a full-screen banner or merely a widget. The widget can be either in sidebars or footers.

Final Thought

On-demand mental health apps are growing every year, mental health apps become the perfect lifesaver for both patients and medical professionals. If you are starting a mental healthcare app development idea and have an innovative app idea in your mind, our mobile app developers will offer the best mental healthcare app development solutions and bring your ideas to life, drop us a line below.

Posted on February 22, 2022 by Keyur Patel
Keyur Patel