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Windows Phone and Mobile Applications

Considering the growing popularity of Smartphone’s and handheld devices it has become important for businesses to look at them as an opportunity to explore their business strategies and their potential on this platform using different custom made mobile applications. At IT Path Solutions, we have focused on delivering leading edge mobile and smart phone technology to global customers in affordable costs. We have a pool of talented, young, certified and experienced mobile application developers that work in all leading, existing and emerging mobile platforms for the development of applications as per the client’s requirement.

With millions of people using different mobile platforms and the number is increasing daily we understand the need of developing quality mobile applications that should contribute positive user experience which is enhancing for your business. We have not limited out boundaries to the implementation of innovative ideas in mobile application development but we are also dedicated to business eccentric approach by refining these ideas for further enhancement of the product or mobile applications.

As of now, Windows Phone or Windows mobile platform remains the most favored and proffered platforms for both technical and non-technical people. Our developers have trained themselves to change themselves and gain advanced knowledge according to the changing technology therefore when it comes to updated version of the mobile phone platforms then we are more than ready to take on any such project. This is the reason we are well equipped to develop and maintain not only Windows 6.0 applications but also we are competent enough to deliver high-end Windows 7 Mobile applications.

Windows Phone Applications Services offered by IT Path Solutions

  • Applications based on Windows 5.0 and 6.0 versions
  • Windows 7 Phone Applications
  • Embedded Software Development for Smartphone and Pocket PC
  • Client Centric Applications for Online as well Offline Functionality
  • Media Management and Streaming
  • Business Application and Integration
  • Tools and Utility Applications
  • Games
  • Embedded Software Development

Windows phone applications are for not only the media and entertainment purposes but there are many business related applications. Most of the times the custom made windows phone applications are utilized in sales force automation, supply chain management, fleet management, telemetry etc. We believe in the mobile platform and the Speed with which it captures it niche. Windows Phone 7 is still new in the market and is gaining its popularity fast but it has already been on number one position in terms of number of application developed.

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