Why IT Path Solutions?

Our multiple domain expertise and approach towards clients make us different

Why IT Path Solutions?

IT Path Solutions differentiates itself from the competition by sharing a complete different perspective towards their clients as partners and the high-end contribution from our side is always useful in providing the highest customer experience to form a program that provides substantial business results. We do not act only as an order taker but we value our relationships with our clients that are purely based on Trust, Commitment and Fulfillment towards achieving set goals not merely dependent on rigid business contracts. With our vision and expertise, we bring your vision in to functional reality with features and applications that brings value to your organizations and end users.

Nevertheless, to say but IT Path Solutions follows all the ethical standards in the business and thereby following the best standards in the Software Development Industry. With our hard work, vision, planning and capability we are entitled to produce high quality results in timely manner for every project we undertake. Due to these practice we reduce the total time in developing certain software’s or applications eliminating any uncertainties that again represents our cost effective service provisions.

Multiple Domain Expertise:

To keep up with the ever-changing technology and trends in the IT industry IT Path Solutions has persistently shown its Multiple Domain Expertise because for us it solely depends on Knowledge, Expertise and Competence. We have highly skilled end-to-end software and web development expertise in multiple domains such as Software/Application Development, ASP.NET web development, Website/Applications Maintenance Services, Windows Phone Application Development, Application Integration Services, Application Integration Services and Web and Graphic Design.

With a rare approach to utilize our Multiple Domain Expertise to work collaboratively for meeting the Client specified designs and motives.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection:

At IT Path Solutions, we strongly respect the Intellectual Property rights thereby taking all the steps for the effacement obliterating to emphasize various IP protection methods. We achieve right kind of Intellectual Property Rights Protection by taking some of the preventive measures such as

  • Signing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with potential customers
  • Signing Authorship Waiver Agreement
  • With high Tech security Infrastructure, we ensure protection of all the vital information
  • Our employees undergo introductory training on IP rights and signs contracts for IP Rights Protection.

Highly Experienced and Productive Staff:

IT Path Solutions is dream of Software professionals that have came together after years of experience in their domain to make a difference. Our highly productive and experienced staff is equipped with all the necessary education with proven certificates and degrees to prove their worth in the market. Highest accredited software solution providers like Microsoft, Sun Solaris, Brain Bench and many more have certified some of the our employees.

Our employees are well experienced in the IT industry and have all the essential hands on experience in their technological expertise in various environments and languages. Last but not the list our highly experienced and productive staff is acquainted to work in a multinational environment and very well versed with the English language for better communication with our clients.

Daily Weekly reporting Structure:

Our domestic project management module is up to the mark but with right kind of approach to plan, manage, execute and deploy the project we have developed our own methodology to complete the project in timely manner and within budget eliminating all the associated known and unknown risks. One of the main objects under this module comprises of either daily or weekly reporting structure depending on the client’s requirements.

Due to such reporting structure, we provide authentic and transparent information sharing and regular communication with our clients. This ultimately leads us to some useful information about future references and feedbacks from our clients providing them full control over the workflow, status and staffing of their project.

Full Time Project Manager at No Cost:

Under the project management module, we have designed for successful completion of projects we have provided access to one full time project manager at no cost who is experienced enough and capable enough to keep up with the expected milestone achievements.

Proper Hierarchy and Escalation Path:

In our company, we have maintained strict management policy when it comes to working environment and therefore by implementing proper hierarchy and escalation path so employees receive all the decisions and orders in systematic manner. Even the proper escalation path ensures that the problems faced by employees are solved in real time that will ultimately reduce the time required for the completion for the project.

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