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Exclusive Christmas Offers on Mobile & Web Development Services – IT Path Solutions

By: | , | December 19, 2018

Christmas is here and Santa suggested recommended us to give you a Christmas gift! Affirmative, be heedful to his recommendation, IT Path Solutions has offering with a booming gesture of impeccable Christmas provide on Web and Mobile Application Development. On this Christmas and New Year, we are going to make this more special for you with our Exclusive Christmas Offers on the web and mobile app development. IT Path Solutions is offering a FLAT 10% OFF on all its web and mobile app development services. This offer will be valid only till 15th Jan 2019 for new projects and new customers.

Special Discount: 10% OFF on our services

Discount Area: Web and Mobile App Development Services

Our exclusive Christmas Offers on Web & Mobile Application Development Services

  • Mobile Application Development (Android, iPhone, React Native, Xamrin, PhoneGap, Ionic Application Development)
  • CMS Web Development (WordPress, Drupal, Concret5)
  • E-Commerce Development (Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, Opencart, OSCommerce, nopCommerce)
  • Framework Development (NodeJSn, Laravel, YII, CodeIgniter, CorePHP, CakePHP)
  • JS /Frontend Development (Angular JS, ReactJS, Vue JS, Jquery, HTML5)
  • Microsoft Asp.Net Development

IT Path Solutions has ventured in the business of mobile web development, custom software development, open source customization, search engine optimization and all IT sectors.

Our team consists of Project Managers, Software and Mobile AppDeveloper, Team Leaders, Designers, and QA. We are appreciated not only for our technical expertise but also our highly-skilled team of Specialists offers foremost services and solutions to our customers while making certain high returns on their investments.

With possession and demanding internal control measures we have a tendency to produce foremost content, high-quality graphics, and superior services and result orientated solutions on time moreover as, at intervals your budget.

We Serve Many Countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand, Italy, France, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain.

We wish Santa brings new hopes, happiness, and growth in your personal & professional life this 2019. Let’s welcome this year by embracing new technologies and opting for best mobile app development services,  you can Contact us to know more about our services and offers.



How To Display Toast Messages In Xamarin Forms?

By: | , , | August 24, 2018

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is a tool supported by Microsoft. It provides way to developers to build native mobile applications. Those applications have native features and share common code at the same time.

Why do we need of Xamarin?

As it is developed by Microsoft for creating mobile application, so if you want to be run your same application on various platforms like IOS, Android and windows then you can achieve this by using Xamarin application.

What is the use of Toasts?

Toasts displays message that disappears after sometimes to the messages do not stuck on the screen in mobile applications that is best use of toast.

How to use Toasts in Xamarin application?

First of all, add one interface in main project named as “IToastMessage”.Declare one function named as DisplayMessage(string Message) and pass string parameter to that method.


How to use Toasts in Xamarin android application?

First of all, add one class named as “Message_Driod.cs” in android application project and implement “IToastMessage” interface as below:


For “IToastMessage” interface give reference of your main project where you have created your interface to your android application project by right click on Reference folder of your android application project, then select add reference and click on project tab then select your main project and press ok.

How to use Toasts in Xamarin IOS application?

First of all, add one class named as “Message_IOS.cs” in android application project and implement “IToastMessage” interface as below:


For “IToastMessage” interface give reference of your main project where you have created your interface to your android application project by right click on Reference folder of your android application project, then select add reference and click on project tab then select your main project and press ok.

How to display Toasts in Xamarin Application?

Now You can display toast by using below code in main project code files:DependencyService.Get<IToastMessage>().DisplayMessage(“Your message here.”);

Best Mobile apps development company

How I Select Best Mobile App Development Platform?

By: | , , | November 22, 2016

Have you build your software on Android or iOS? Possibly each of them. Windows Phone or Blackberry maybe?

If you’re reading this text, it is because you’re unable to restore your thoughts with regards to the mobile app development platform. As in, how to pick the best one. Isn’t it?

Deciding on from among the multiple competing platforms requires a clear-eyed valuation of the target audience on your mobile app, the technical strengths and weaknesses of every platform and evaluate of the long-time period advantages of the platform.

What you should focus while selecting the best mobile app development platform?

1. Your Target Audience

This should be your main task. Before selecting the platform, you must know what type of audience you’re planning to target. For example, if you are planning to focus on Europe, keep in mind that the large number of Europeans prefers Android devices to iPhones. In America, users use both, while in Asia the situation may differ from country to country.

2. Features

You need to consider key features along with user experience. If you prefer to develop an app with native feel, you need to go for iOS or Android. In case, you’re developing an app that is consistent with every platform, you need to go for cross-platform development approach.

3. Supported Devices

In case you’re deciding to go for Android, you should keep in mind that Android holds 160 items. It is subjected to constant increase. While, Apple follows a different strategy. iOS 9 is compatible with 15 devices, among which there are various versions of iPads, iPhones and iPods. Windows Phone 8.1 currently works on 100 devices, while Blackberry is supported by only 10.

4. The Cost of Development

Keep in mind that your app needs to be cost-effective. The selection of a mobile app platform depends on the available budget to a great extent. This includes financial aspects such as software cost, infrastructure cost, user training cost, etc.

5. User Experience

An app that is not only engaging but also delivers functionality and performance at the same time. A good platform which can provides an optimized user experience can address the unique needs of your customers.

What you should know when selecting the platform for the development of app?

Talking about the platforms to pick, still remains a question mark. However, there are some guidelines that will let you differentiate among the different platforms:

1. Android Application Development


Since Android smart phone are ruling out in the market with highest number of shares and constantly changing dynamic environment of Google, this will help the company to target much larger user in the market. Due to continuous Google acquisitions and efforts, Android mobile technology has grown very much. Since android is open source programme it has low investment and high return of investment.

2. iOS Application Development


As per Apple report, it earns more revenue on from iPhone or iPad than on Google android which is 90% of all dollars spent on mobile devices. Apple users generally prefer to spend more on apps as compared to android users. Apple has high level of security and theirs apps are more secure as apple has marketed their product on premium brand category which leads to higher expectation by users.

With the upgrade of iOS 7 UI/UX and designing features, a new designing advantage has come to era of iOS. Xcode which is utilized by developers for developing app on Apple has an advantage of migrating an app from iPhone to iPad which is a bit lengthy process in android.

3. Cross Platform Development


One more alternative to reduce time & cost is to go for Hybrid Application Development framework also called cross-platform development. The main advantage of this application is that one code language can run on multiple platforms and is a less expensive and faster solution. They provide you with a native look and feel with the help of an HTML UI framework, CSS, JS technology.


Having played with various options, we made a conclusion that native platforms satisfy our client requirements best. That’s why we’ve focused on native iOS and Android programming languages.

Hope this article will help you to select the best platform for your app. Whichever platform you choose, IT Path Solutions will be there to help you develop useful, interactive and cost-effective mobile app. We help our clients not only develop their apps but also build their businesses and bring their revenue to a new level.

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