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Best eCommerce Platform And Solutions To Start Online Business In 2019

By: | , , , , , | May 14, 2019

What is an eCommerce Platform?

Nowadays, the eCommerce platform runs on software system that mixes front-end and back-end practicality. There are lots of platforms divided into 2 ways of development that are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and open supply platform. This platform is presently changing into a lot of common over current market trends and can still grow. Here during this article, we’ll have a glance at the highest five custom developed eCommerce platforms for 2019.

List of Best eCommerce Platforms Of 2019

 1. Magento

  • Magento is an open source e-commerce solution that offers clients a fully flexible environment and control over the functionality, look & content of their online store. It offers a excess of e-commerce services; starting with hosting to testing, design to development & customization to support and maintenance. Don’t get confused, It can be an ideal solution for your e-commerce web store.
  • Magento has powerful functions, system, flexibility, straightforward customization, and quantifiability.
  • This CMS platform is that the best choice for those that wish to expand their businesses for long goals.
  • Magento Development Company helps you to convey your best on-line searching expertise to your customers you’ll inevitably find yourself with loyal customers.
  • It offers you complete management over the services by providing comprehensive tools.
magento-development-companyAdvantages, And Feature Of Magento:
  • Easy to use stand that completely focus on providing simplicity services.
  • It offers you extended plugins choices, that helps in developing custom created styles.
  • List out unlimited merchandise and classes.
  • It permits you to mix the planning with the SEO services for gaining the best computer program results.

2. Drupal Commerce

  • Drupal is one of the most flexible and highly functional CMS (content management system) across the globe. It has an ability to connect thousands of concurrent users securely and deliver rich media content successfully.
  • It promptly integrates with various third-party apps.
  • Through inherent CMS Drupal makes a strong content selling eCommerce strategy.
  • To develop any type of website including a web portal, a blog, a news website or any other websites; Drupal Development becomes the first & the foremost choice of programmers.


Advantages, and Feature Of Drupal Commerce:
  • Safe and secured eCommerce platform
  • License-free
  • Marketing enabled
  • Payment card business knowledge security commonplace

3. WooCommerce

  • WooCommerce is a fast growing, open-source, e-commerce plugin for WordPress to develop feature-rich websites. It has a series of simple but elegant templates and plugins that make it an ideal software to create online shopping portals or eCommerce websites.
  • WooCommerce Development is the perfect combination of eCommerce and WordPress. It has tremendous features which can not be found in any other WP plugin. However, it can be easily learned; Any creative WordPress user can use it to make their eCommerce website beautiful & fully functional.



Advantages, And Feature Of WooCommerce:
  • Diverse customization choices
  • Simple and skilled
  • Great flexibility
  • WooThemes

4. WP eCommerce

  • WP eCommerce is another platform that is crammed with WordPress plugin choices.
  • WP eCommerce platform has been in demand and has been downloaded quite 2 million times.
  • This platform boosts up the eCommerce resolution through WordPress functions.
  • WP eCommerce committal to writing is easy even when being Associate in Nursing open supply eCommerce platform.


wp ecommerce


Advantages, And Feature Of WP E-Commerce:
  • One will simply add merchandise to the catalog
  • White-glove client support
  • Configure shipping and taxes
  • Industry-leading payment gateways

5. Shopify

  • Shopify has a simple setup, with a handy dashboard space for quickly adding merchandise and customizing the planning of your website.
  • During the signup method, Shopify app development asks you if you propose on moving from another platform.
  • It provides a link for commerce merchandise from your previous store.
  • Adding a product is obvious and comfy, with fields like product descriptions, titles, value and a lot of.
  • The goal of Shopify is to create everybody to launch their eCommerce store, even while not having any style or development skills.
shopify-development-companyAdvantages and Feature of Shopify:
  • Unlimited merchandise, orders, store management, and information measure.
  • Web-based web site builder with drag-and-drop choice
  • Automatic carrier shipping rates
  • 24/7 support
  • Mobile commerce prepared
  • Products and services, Hosting

The selection of the proper platform will genuinely unlock the performance of your business. The eCommerce platforms will assist you in participating your customers along with your whole. Your business will get mobile optimized sites and absolutely customizable eCommerce platform, which might cause a substantial growth of your business.


Here are ten reasons why you should be using Drupal for big website.

By: | , , | September 14, 2018

Here are ten reasons why you should be using Drupal for a big website.

1. It’s an attempted and certified framework applied by vast worldwide organizations and associations. A few cases of Drupal clients include:

⦁ Tesla
⦁ GE
⦁ Nokia
⦁ Oxford University
⦁ Harvard’s Drupal Website
⦁ The French government

2. Drupal 8 is Open Source. It’s totally free. What is additionally free are thousands of modules accessible at You don’t need to take care of any authorizing costs like you would need to do with business programming.

3. A great many organizations (Drupal agencies) around the globe work firm on adjusting Drupal to clients’ needs (establishment, setup, making layouts and modules, facilitating).

4. Think flexibility when you think about Drupal. One of the key qualities of Drupal is adaptability. With a straightforward module called CCK (Content Construction Kit), for example, one can make totally new sorts of substance ( Pages, Blog passages, Stories, Books and Polls), having complete control over substance – where and how the substance is shown.

5. Choose Drupal for Security. Security is of principal worry to organizations, and Drupal, definitely known for its huge network, keeps up a committed security group that routinely surveys discharges and security issues. Each Drupal-based site consequently checks whether they have the most current variant of Drupal and every one of the modules. On the off chance that another form is discharged, the executive gets educated about it on the double.

6. New versions of Drupal 8 are released every six months. Drupal 8.0 was released toward the finish of 2015. As of now, we are in rendition 8.4. Each new version presents new bugfixes, and add new functionalities and modules accessible in Drupal center. The Drupal advancement group goes for adding new capacities to grow its ease of use and abilities. By picking Drupal 8 you guarantee getting new capacities for your site – totally for nothing out of pocket!

7. Be imaginative with Drupal incorporation arrangements. Drupal is exceptionally good with different arrangements and administrations, another of its most prominent qualities.

Government sites, for example, in many cases must incorporate with big business content, information vaults, inner distributing instruments, national administration focuses, installment frameworks, restrictive inheritance frameworks and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As it utilizes open standard and advancements, it furnishes an extensible structure to incorporate with these other information sources.

8. From the technological viewpoint, Drupal 8 was developed in PHP (it utilizes PHP 7, which is blasting quick), utilizes Symfony Framework parts (accepted to be the best answer for creating complex applications in the PHP biological system) and Twig template engine, which streamlines front-end works and enhances security.

9. As a project, Drupal is created by a network spreading over the whole world. More than 100,000 users effectively create Drupal core and its modules. 100,000 developers are unquestionably more than 10 or even 100 coders taking a shot at a given business arrangement. In addition, more than 1 million users are enlisted with, helping the advancement by rolling out improvement demands for the core and the modules.

10. Prefer Drupal Development because of the IT cost reduction. As an open source, it saves organizations and associations from costly licensing charges and vendor secure. Drupal’s community-developed software is free, and it accompanies a huge number of contributed modules, themes, and even pre-designed platforms known as distributions.

Code sharing is another cost-sparing open door for some enterprises, which can definitely quicken development and diminish work costs.

If you want a complex site, choose Drupal. IT Path Solutions differentiates itself from the competition by sharing a completely different perspective towards their clients as partners and the high-end contribution from our side is always useful in providing the highest customer experience to form a program that provides substantial business results. We do not act only as an order taker but we value our relationships with our clients that are purely based on Trust, Commitment and Fulfillment towards achieving set goals not merely dependent on rigid business contracts. With our vision and experience, we tend to bring your vision into useful reality with options and applications that bring worth to your organizations and finish users.

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