key features

  • FAQs Management
  • Pricing Management
  • Services Management
  • Contact Forms
  • Blog Management
  • Testimonials Management


Our client contacted us to develop Networking and Security website from where the client can display all information about service information technology, consulting and infrastructure management services.  Client wants to display all about Networking and Security solutions in the website to attract customers and increase more business.

The objective of this web application to give knowledge base about Networking and Security. Client wants to build best knowledge base web application. Through this application, IT Path Solutions going to work on following objectives.

  • Enfold theme integration.
  • Admin can add all services from custom post type services.
  • Admin can Services with different categories.
  • Admin can add Blogs from custom post type Blogs.
  • Admin can add FAQs from custom post type FAQs.
  • Admin can add Testimonilas from custom post type Testimonilas.
  • Customer can do any type of query or questions using contact form or wia phone.
  • Admin can add Pricing of all them products from custom post type Pricing.
  • User can view all information from front end.


IT Path Solutions has developed Networking and Security website with customization in WordPress using MySQL Server as backend database. We had built the different custom post type from backend and use it to display data in front end.

Below are modules and its functionalities which are created by us.

  1. Services
    • Admin can add category in Services post
    • Admin can add Services post and assign it to the category
  2. Blog
    • Admin can add category in Blog post
    • Admin can add Blog post and assign it to the category
  3. Photo Gallery
    • Admin can add Photos in Gallery post
    • Admin can add photo post and assign it to the category
  4. FAQs
    • Admin can add category in FAQs post
    • Admin can add FAQs post and assign it to the category
  5. Testimonials
    • Admin can add category in Testimonials post
    • Admin can add Testimonials post and assign it to the category


IT Path - Website Development Company had successfully completed Networking and Security website within time frame. Client is happy with result and they are earning more business through this solution.

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