key features

  • Design upgrades
  • New features in feed
  • Improved profile pages
  • New search functions


For each and every hunting experience you can save data about: Location (incl. Geo tag), Weather, Game (harvested, hunted for, sighted), Weapon, Ammunition, Hunters and Pictures. And you can always add a description and have the possibility to make private notes (even if you choose to make the journal entry public). Each entry will create a digital hunting trophy that is saved in your personal trophy room. Hunting entries and trophies can also be made public. All data are shareable in social communities as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. In the app you can also save and share hunting photos, hunting videos and write blogs Connect with friends and keep track of all your hunting buddies’ hunting experiences in your friends feed. All of your journal details will stay 100% private, unless you choose to make the journals public. This choice can be done for every entry, giving you the choice to keep some private, and share others


  • Custom Comment We have to manage custom comment List particular Hunt.
  • Manage Map Pin We have to handle multiple Pin on user select particular area .
  • Manage video and Audio we have managed upload hunting image & video sharing on social media.


This application was very simple. The client needed simple & decent UI. At the end, he was 100% satisfied UI and overall quality of app. This application was interesting and challenging as it gave the chance of interaction with college students and also of Video, Audio and details. But with efficient code and structure we managed it successful.

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