key features

  • Provides an administrative interface to handle job postings and candidate applications.
  • Place for candidates to get all their questions answered before coming to an interview. Make interviews more productive.
  • Showroom for employee case studies – remember the ITT tech or DeVry commercials?


The client required the development of a highly feature rich, interactive and multilingual job portal that would enable job seekers and employers to finding perfect matches for their requirement. The client wanted an easy to use, secure and quick response job portal that provides total solution to both job seekers and employers.

The Primary Challenges team has face are:

  • Develop an intuitive and user-friendly system.
  • Develop an online platform that could deliver high performance and speed while efficiently maintaining all the job listings as well as the job applications.
  • Develop a robust system that could handle multiple job applications for various job postings.
  • Ensuring safe and secure data transfer.


Online Recruitment / e-Recruitment is the latest trend in the recruitment process and it has been adopted in many organizations from large to small-sized companies. Many companies use e-Recruitment to post jobs and accept resumes on the Internet, and correspond with the applicants by e-mail.

The system is having three sections/modules: Job Seeker, Employer and Administrator. Job Seeker module helps applicants in posting their resumes. They can also update the resume. The applicant can also browse through the present vacancies available. Job seekers can also get mail alerts when their resumes are selected by employers. Employer module helps employers in posting job vacancy details and updating the details as and when necessary. The employers can also view and download applicant resumes. Administrator module provides administrator related functionalities. Administrator manages entire application and maintains the job listings as well as the profiles of job seekers and employers.

we have developed a robust and easy to use job portal with unique features for job seekers and employers. The portal is controlled by highly organized administrator panel to manage users and generate various types of reports.


It Path solutions exceeded my expectations. The project manager worked closely with me to refine the scope of work. The development team added additional resources to meet our project deadline

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